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Laura's first whole 30- 1/2/2017 start


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Day 1-

Excited to get started and see where my Whole30 journey takes me! I'm hopeful that eating clean, nutrient dense foods helps to reset my body and improve my energy levels, allergies and sinus problems. I went grocery shopping yesterday at Whole Foods for my first few days of meals and surprisingly spent less than I thought I would on the food. I've read "The Whole 30" and am using the recipes included for most of my meals over the next few days. Mostly nervous about finding foods to eat for breakfast that are quick and easy to make that are not eggs, but have found a few options so far that look delicious! I am used to making protein shakes which takes less than 5 minutes and I can drink on my way out the door in the mornings. 

Meal 1: 1 Grannysmith Apple with 2 teaspoons of almond butter 

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To help with breakfast:

--Redefine breakfast as Meal 1. This gives you unlimited options 

--Put your meal in a plastic containers. I guarantee that I can grab my meal 1 faster than you can make a shake. 

--Remind yourself that an essential part of the Whole30 is redefining your relationship with food. Protein shakes are not the best nutrition, drinking your food does not have the benefits, physical and psychological, that chewing does, and eating while going out the door is NOT mindful eating. 

To get all the benefits of Whole30, follow the meal template! Eat 1-2 palms of protein AND 1-2 servings of fats AND 1-3 cups of veggies. And eat meal 1 within an hour of waking! Eating fruits and nut butters is setting you up for sugar crashes, sugar cravings, hunger and fatigue. 

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Day 1 cont- 

Meal 2- Large Salad (greens and cabbage) with balsamic vinegar and olive oil; mandarin orange 

Snack- 2 pieces of Whole30 approved bacon

Meal 3- Lemon Pepper Baked Salmon and sauteed zucchini and squash with thyme and garlic powder (cooked in olive oil)

Overall, today wasn't too bad. However I was really hungry around 4:00 so I ate a small snack. So far, dinner has filled me up thankfully. I have my Meal 1 and Meal 2 prepared for tomorrow. Meal 1 is going to be sausage patties with sweet potato hash (excited to see how it turned out) and Meal 2 is leftovers from today's Meal 3. The meal prep was easier than I thought, so that was nice. I'm a medical student and start my next rotation tomorrow so I'm hoping I can keep the motivation to meal prep even when my hours get crazy! Tomorrow will be a nice test run before things really quick into high gear at least. 

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Day 2- Felt pretty great other than a mild headache, but have had a lot of energy! I went to Fresh Market to buy the meat I needed for the rest of the week and they were making fresh bread and I thought I wouldn't be able to get out of the store fast enough haha.

Meal 1- the sausage patties and sweet potato hash was delicious and super filling. I did not get hungry until right at 12, even though I ate at 6:30, which was perfect timing for lunch (meal 2).

Meal 2- leftovers from last night's Meal 3 and a few almonds.

Meal 3- Filet mignon with garlic shallot puree (delicious!!!!) and strawberries and a mandarin orange (the avocados I bought on Sunday were all bad unfortunately even though they were only two days old, so I couldn't have that with it). This was seriously in the top 5 steaks I've eaten. Also I had no idea how good roasted garlic smells.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

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Day 3-6: I've done pretty well over that last few days, no longer having headaches so that is great! Still fighting cravings, especially when I have to go grocery shopping and see all my favorite sweets. Plan for tomorrow is to do most of my meal prep for next week so I won't have to take as much time in the evenings to cook.

Day 3, Meal 1- Bacon with a banana, strawberries and blueberries. Meal 2- Sausage patties and sweet potato hash. Meal 3- Pot roast.

Day 4, Meal 1- Sausage patties with almond butter. Meal 2- Pot roast. Meal 3- Chicken with guacamole and kale.

Day 5, Meal 1- Sausage patties and mandarin orange. Meal 2- Pot roast. Meal 3- Kale salad with chicken, strawberries, blueberries and raspberry vinaigrette.

Day 6, Meal 1- Bacon and scrambled egg. Meal 2- Pot roast. Meal 3- Lemon pepper salmon and broccoli steaks.

Still loving the food and can't wait to try some new recipes this week :) 


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