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2nd Whole 30 starting Jan 2


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I completed a full Whole30 from mid September to mid October. In short, it went wonderfully. I was recovering from a severe knee injury and a chronic shoulder injury. Both improved to the point I felt completely healed and "normal" after two years of feeling absolutely broken. As an added benefit, I lost about 15 of the 20 pounds I'd gained over those two years.

I ended that Whole 30 right as the holidays were gearing up, but I was so thrilled with my results, I wasn't about to let some turkey and Christmas cookies send me back to the starting line. I carefully reintroduced food (was especially careful about sugar and actually went over 2 months without any sugar save fruit), and I read Food Freedom and adhered really well to the principles (for the most part.) I continued losing and am down 20 lbs and have been cleared to start running again.

And now I'm back for another. Not because I slipped back to bad habits or redo the results or lose weight, but because I feel GREAT on the program. I like the food, I like the way I feel, and it feels like a good time to do another one. So, here I am- I hope to work on managing my stress, sleep discipline, tone up and little by little get back to full runs.

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