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It has been an amazing experience.  You will learn a lot about how food affects you personally.  And you may find out that you can live without some of the foods you crave and commonly consume.  For example, I sleep very well while doing a Whole30 round.  It might be that skipping the sugar is leading to more restorative sleep.  And when I eat wheat, my knee hurts!  

If you do it, trust the process.  And count on your non-scale values.  

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Hello! I am new, this is Day 2! *Started April 18th.

Some goals I have for the Whole 30 program are to identify any potential triggers related to my migraines, increase energy to play with my kids and teach my students, and reset my emotional relationship with food!

I've read "The Whole 30" book, have the quick meals cookbook and look forward to reading "It Starts With Food" in the next few days. I am grateful for this online venue for sharing questions, ideas and support! 

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