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My first whole 30. Tracked bite by bite.


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Bit slow of the mark with tracking my Whole 30 here. I'm on Day 4. Here's how it's gone so far.

Day 1.

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette, handful of cherry tomatoes.

Lunch - A few slices of prosciutto (additive free brand), lots of lettuce, cherry tomatoes.

Dinner - Beef chilli, roasted sweet potatoes, half an avocado. Handful of blackberries.

Day 2.

Breakfast (post WoD) - leftover chilli and sweet potato

Mid morning - Handful of cashew nuts and raisin mix.

Lunch - half can of tuna in spring water, blob of homemade mayo, lettuce, cucumber. Teaspoon of almond butter.

Dinner - organic, free range chicken leg, green and red cabbage. Small handful of nuts, raisins.

Day 3.

Breakfast - few slices of prosciutto, left over red cabbage.

Lunch - half can tuna in spring water, blob of homemade mayo, lettuce, cucumber. Small handful of nuts and raisins.

Afternoon snack - handful of nuts and raisins.

Dinner - spicy veg and additive free chorizo stew with two free range eggs. Handful of raspberries.

Day 4.

Breakfast (post crossfit) - 2 egg omelette, few slices of prosciutto, mixed salad leaves.

Lunch - half can of tuna, blob of homemade mayo, avocado, lettuce. Slice of melon.

Afternoon snack - handful of nuts and raisins

Dinner - slow cooked beef, cabbage and broccoli, roast squash.

I've been mostly paleo (with dairy) since April this year. A few holidays over the later end of the summer where I just ate what I wanted has led to a few bad habits creeping in. I'm using this Whole 30 to remind myself how good I feel when I eat clean. I think I need to concentrate on keeping the snacking in check and watch my fruit intake. Apart from feeling a bit headachey on Day 2 I'm feeling good. I'm missing milk in tea and coffee. Currently experimenting with coconut milk. Undecided if I like it!

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Two eggs, a few slices of prosciutto, half a can of tuna... You are not eating enough. The standard meal template is protein as big as the palm of your hand and up to 2 servings of protein as big as your palm at least 3 times per day. Then fill the rest of your plate with veggies cooked with a thumb-size measure of fat. And if you are doing CrossFit, you need small pre- and post-workout snacks.

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Thanks for the feedback Tom. I am eating loads of veggies with each meal, probably more than that round up of Day 1-4 suggested, I love veggies so the portions of greens are good and generous on my plate. I'll make a concentrated effort to up the protein. I don't train every day, and the days I do I have to get up fairly early, the idea of food at that time in the morning is taking a bit of getting my head round. I did have a snack straight after training this morning and then my breakfast. Glad to be pointed in the right direction early on on in my W30. Thanks again.

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Tired today. I think more likely linked to the dog running round the house barking at 02:30 than my W30. I still manged to get up and go to crossfit for the 07:00 class.

Warm up followed by max height box jumps, followed by "Ellie" A tough session, but I felt good.

I didn't eat beforehand.

Post WoD snack - good handful of nuts and dried fruit.

Breakfast - 2 egg omelette cooked in coconut oil, 2 slices of leftover roast squash, handful cherry tomatoes.

Mid morning - handful of almonds

Lunch Turkey chilli (Approx 125g of turkey mince, chopped toms, courgette, red pepper, spices.) 2 slices leftover squash, broccoli, 1/2 avocado. Slice of melon.

I've been shopping for some extra meat, so got lots of lovely protein in the fridge for the weekend. I'll post again later after dinner.

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Hmmm, well dinner last night wasn't that great. We went out to see a film. Got home later than planned.

I ate - some leftover turkey chilli (approx 75g meat), broccoli, strawberries, teaspoon of almond butter.

That was at 10pm. I realise that was a ridiculously small portion. But by that time of night I didn't want to cook. It was easy to eat as it was on hand. It was better than going to bed with no dinner. And it was certainly better than falling off the W30 wagon by eating takeout.

Day 6 today. Learning as I go. Today will be a good day. I'll post up my eats later.

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Day 6 eats.

Breakfast - 2 slices of veggie frittata (spinach, green pepper, onion, courgette, 2.5 eggs)

Snack - handful of almonds and dried fruit

Lunch - 1/2 tin tuna, blob of homemade mayo, lettuce, cherry toms, apple, tsp almond butter

Dinner - 210g ribeye steak, a good sized sweet potato roasted in ghee, salad of watercress, cherry toms, yellow pepper, 1/2 avocado.

Lunch could've been a bit bigger. Dinner was awesome, I love rib-eye!

Walked the dogs a good few miles this morning, but not a very active day.

Feeling a bit headachey still. Other than that, all good.

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Yesterday was Day 7. And the first really difficult day. I felt like I spent the whole day saying "I can't have that" as my husband suggested fish and chips, prawn sandwiches, tearoom stops slices of cake etc etc. I came close to just giving up. But I didn't.

Food wise it maybe wasn't the model W30 as we were out and about for the day, hence all the suggestions mentioned above.

Breakfast (eaten late) - a BLT 4 slices of crisped up prosciutto with cherry toms and a blob of homemade mayo, rolled up in two iceberg lettuce leaves. An apple and a tsp of almond butter.

Lunch (eaten late) - slow cooked steak, kidney and additive free chorizo, topped with mashed sweet potato/swede mix to make a pie. Roast leeks, wilted kale.

Evening - a bit of grazing. A couple of big handfuls of nuts and dried fruit. Mixed berries with coconut milk. But no actual meal. Far from ideal.

I'm getting off to sleep really quicky at night, which is unusual for me, and something I'm liking. But, I haven't had an unbroken night of sleep since starting the W30. Not, I think due to the W30 itself. Unfortunately, coincidentally we've been having some problems with one of our dogs and I've been up most nights somewhere between 2am and 4am. I cancelled my morning crossfit class when I was up at 4 this morning as I knew I couldn't face the alarm a few hours later and didn't think I'd have the energy for training anyway.

I feel like Day 8 is off to a ropey start. I'm tired, headachey, grumpy. It can only get better! I'll post up my eats later.

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Hey, chin up! You're doing awesomely. You've made it through the first weekend and although you didn't find it easy you're still on track. *high five*

Give yourself a break, life on less sleep is hard. Just make yourself a plan and execute.

Now, make your next meal a winner ;)

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I can relate to the dogs getting you up, Jumbly. Mine are up at least once in the middle of the night EVERY night. So it's unfortunate, but at least you're sleeping better and drifting off earlier! I struggle with getting a good routine down for meal times too. I cut up all my veggies for the week and made a big batch of chicken yesterday so on the nights I don't feel like cooking, or have the time, at least there's something good to eat that I can just heat up. Some other Whole30ers suggested that and I think it'll really help this week. Have a good day today!

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Thanks for the encouragement!

The day was a bit slow getting started but the eats have been ok (so far). I rustled up a batch of nomnom paleo inspired tuna cakes. Mine were made using leftover sweet potato and swede from yesterday, to which I added 2 eggs, can of tuna, basil, hot pepper, seasoning. This made 6 good sized cakes.

Breakfast - 2 tuna cakes, handful of cherry toms fried off in coconut oil.

Lunch - 2 tuna cakes, lettuce dressed with avocado oil.

I did a 5 mile trail run this afternoon with a friend. Slow pace as she's just getting some fitness back. But I felt really good. Ran up a couple of hills that I often struggle with.

Dinner - still to come, but I have a shoulder of organic lamb roasting away with carrots and onions. I'll also be doing brussel sprouts and wilted kale.

I'll post up again if anything extra gets eaten.

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Some eats to add for yesterday, the lamb took a lot longer to roast than anticipated so I had a starter of some carrot and red pepper crudités and homemade mayo.

Another night of broken sleep meant I started the day feeling tired but once I was up and going I felt ok, actually better than ok, I had a surprising amount of energy. And, I didn't wake up with a headache, so these are steps in the right direction.

Didn't make it to crossfit this morning, just wasn't up in time.

The eats.

Breakfast - 3 egg, chorizo, courgette and red pepper frittata, cooked in coconut oil.

Lunch - not eaten until 3pm because I was really busy, but I wasn't starving and feeling all low blood sugary, or aggitated. I ate 2 slices of yesterdays roast lamb rolled up in iceberg lettuce, 2 plums, a handful of nuts and dried fruit.

Dinner - the last of the lamb made into a curry with spices, coconut milk, red pepper, sweet potato, spinach, fresh coriander. Served with some roasted cauliflower.

No snacking, no cravings, feeling upbeat. Avoiding the scales but feeling like I might be dropping some weight, could just be less bloated as the weekend immediately prior to starting W30 involved beer.

I'm away from tomorrow mid morning until Friday afternoon. Could be challenging as I won't be as in control of the food as at home, but I feel confident about making the right choices and sticking with the program.

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Day 10! A third of the way through. Feeling good.

Two plums to add to yesterday's food. Had that need for something sweet/cooling after spicy curry.

Today is off to a good start. A much better night of sleep.

Breakfast - a fried egg, 3 slices of crisped up prosciutto, handful of cherry toms, a few florets of leftover cauliflower.

I'll be travelling over lunchtime and dinner is unknown and other than deciding now that i will be making the right choices, not something I can plan ahead for. Hoping it all stays on track. Probably be the weekend before I get chance to update this log.

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Today is Day 14.

I just about survived my few days away. I steered away from the obvious non W30 stuff like bread, breakfast cereal, yoghurt, cake, pasta, potato etc. I was at a health spa so the food labelling was pretty good, anything with dairy or wheat in was labelled, so that was easy to avoid. I chose stuff from the menu that seemed compliant and asked questions if I wasn't sure. It's difficult in an eating out situation though to be sure that everything was made from totally W30 compliant ingredients. I feel like I did the best I could, and ate mindfully. If I have eaten something non W30 then it's been by accident rather than design so I feel happy within myself to continue the W30 journey.

Yesterday I ate

Breakfast - 2 eggs, 2 slices of crispy prosciutto, lots of cherry toms. An apple with a dollop of almond butter.

Lunch - homemade spicy sweet potato, carrot and coconut milk soup.

I'm coming down with a cold and my appetite took a bit of a nosedive for the rest of the day. I nibbled on a couple of big handfuls of dried fruit and nuts and had an orange and a banana.

I spent most of the day watching movies from under a blanket.

My head is properly congested this morning, but I'm feeling less ill. Woke up hungry.

Breakfast - 3 egg omelette, handful of cherry toms.

Planning on staying well hydrated and having another day of taking it easy, hopefully that'll see me on the way to a speedy recovery. Got some spicy soup leftover for lunch and a piece of organic beef lined up for dinner. I'll post full eats up later.

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Thanks Derval!

Been feeling worse on the cold front as they day has gone on.

Here are the rest of the eats.

Lunch - spicy soup as mentioned above. Handful of almonds.

Dinner - organic local beef braised with beetroot, carrot, leek, celery, onions and herbs. Served with kale. Followed with some fruit and nut mix.

I cooked a few sweet potatoes while I had the oven on ready for the week ahead.

Ignoring advice that a hot toddy will sort the cold. think an early night is in order.

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Still full of cold, it's making my ears ring which is the worst part of it. But, I got to thinking, and, although I feel fairly yuck the cold hasn't progressed to being a chesty cough and my glands are only slightly swollen on one side. A closed throat and/or full on wheezy chest are the normal course of my being ill. I'm not suggesting that just two weeks of W30 eating has had a dramatic effect on my immune system, but I do think the fact I've been mostly paleo since May has made me a lot healthier, I've noticed I've picked up fewer colds etc even when they're doing the rounds.

Also despite having a cold, I'm sleeping really well. I had a strange food dream the other day where I was eating chocolate lime boiled sweets with my Grandmother. They're not a particular favourite, and it was actually a really nice dream and more reminded me of childhood weekends spent at my grandparents than made me miss eating sugary things.

Anyway, enough random stuff.

This week I am challenging myself to be less reliant on grabbing a handful of nuts and dried fruit. I think they're becoming a habit, something I'm craving rather than something I need.

The eats for today so far.

Breakfast - leftover braised beetroot, carrots and celery with two boiled eggs. Tragically they were hard boiled, not soft as intended, I'm a good cook, except for boiling eggs! This combination was declared the weirdest yet by my husband. I thought it was nice!

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Love that breakfast!! Weird by conventional standards but YUMMY!

Know what you mean about eggs - my best efforts are when I've just winged it timewise - downside to that particular method being that it's not really predictably repeatable.....I like to think of every morning as egg roulette, that's one way to get some excitement in my life eh?

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Rest of the days eats

Lunch - 3 slices of roast beef, sweet potato, 2 dates.

Afternoon snack - nuts and fruit

Dinner - beef chilli, sweet potato, raspberries, macadameia nuts.

Didn't really manage to stick to my nut reduction plan.

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Forgot to say there was half an avocado with yesterday's dinner.

Woke up this morning feeling really yuck with my cold. Hoping that means this is the peak of it and I'll be better from today. Disappointed not to make it to crossfit, another one of my favourite WoDs came round.

Breakfast - two perfectly soft boiled eggs, a red pepper cut into "soldiers" for dipping. Apple and almond butter.

Going to try and avoid snacking on nuts and dried fruit through the day.

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Yay for soft boiled eggs - did you time them?!

Pencil in Helen for Thursday Dec 6th - Carl and I are doing it then near the end of his 40 day paleo challenge - something to look forward to

Happy cold banishing thoughts, and good luck with your nut/dried fruit free day :)

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The rest of the eats

Lunch - a 3 egg frittata, with a splash of coconut milk in the egg, onion, garlic, chilli, red pepper. Needed to be spicier. Am attempting to murder cold germs.

Afternoon snack - an apple and some almond butter. If I'd been normal busy, I don't think I'd have eaten this, there was a definite, emotional, I'm on the sofa ill, I need something. I guess being aware of the mental aspect is the first step towards learning to control it.

Dinner - herb and lemon juice marinated pork chop (outdoor reared pig), roast squash, carrots, brussel sprouts. I've got some raspberries and an orange lined up for once I've finished tidying the kitchen and loaded the dishwasher.

I've been massively craving Parmesan cheese. The lack of dairy has been the hardest thing about W30. I've resisted the temptation though, having made it over half way I'm not going to derail over a bite of cheese.

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