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My first whole 30. Tracked bite by bite.


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Afternoon snack (dinner will be late as I have an evening work meeting) - an apple and a generous tsp of cashew butter.

My late dinner will be a big mixed salad and some mackerel fillets. It's all ready to go so that after my meeting there's no temptation to snack on something inappropriate and fall at the last hurdle. I just have to make it home and eat.

Tomorrow will be a gentle reintroduction of dairy!

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I was so glad I had a snack, my meeting went on for ages, there was pizza and beer, both of which I felt cool about declining.

Late dinner - mixed salad, mackerel, olives, carrots. Nuts, 2 dried figs, apple purée.

And now bed.

That's me done. 30 days.

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