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Sailors Whole30 Log


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Just found this! So happy to have a place to geek out - i'm sure my friends and coworkers will appreciate it. 

Workout: Day 1 of RKS Kettlebell program

Breakfast: Kale, 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, half avocado

Lunch: N/A - breakfast was late and had spa appt! Turned down the delicious looking mango smoothie because I had no clue what was in it. Go me!

Early dinner: Balsamic slow cooked hunk of beef, with roasted potatoes and Brussel sprouts. 

Throw a couple of cups of coffee in there, and I made it through day one! 


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Day two, so far so good! 

Slept pretty bad last night, but hopefully tonight will be better. 

Workout: Day 2 of RKS Kettlebell. It was a little too short and easy, but figured i'd give my body a break since i'm depriving it of its normal carbs. ;)


Breakfast: Huge portion of egg cassarole thingy (eggs, kale, spinach, red peppers, sausage, onion)

Lunch: leftover hunks of beef and potatos. Was too full to eat my salad I had brought, so will work on better more veg heavy tomorrow. 

Dinner: Green chili chicken with roasted peppers over kale and arugula. 

More coffee, and lots of water. 


I'm still waiting for the suck...lol. I think I read it hits day 3? 

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Okay found the suck in day 3. I was EXHAUSTED. But still managed to get all my workouts and meals in. 


Today is Day 5, and i'm pretty bloated. Heres the diet today: 

Breakfast: last of egg casserole

Lunch: Huge salad with chicken and avocado and homemade dressing (balsamic, mustard and oil)

Workout: RKS Day 5, with smoked salmon and half avocado for snack. 

Dinner: Steak, with roasted potatoes and carrots. 


Pretty happy I made it though the week! Work always brings in sugary treats, but I managed to avoid them. Hope everyone else is doing well! 

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