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#Januarywhole30, Day 1.

It's 4:30 pm and I've had a good day, so far. I was really busy putting Christmas decorations away and cleaning. I've eaten on-plan, in large enough amounts to not be hungry between meals. Now I'm a few minutes away from the time I would normally pour myself a glass of wine to sip while making dinner. I know the food part will get more difficult, but for today it's This. One. Habit. I'm not an alcoholic. As my wise friend put it, I've connected a glass of wine with relaxing. 

So, how do I handle this? For a few days, I plan to stay busy. I have a lot of cooking to do. Pantry shelves still need to cleaned out. Laundry. I'm hopeful that soon I'll be able to feel normal cooking with a glass of sparkling water and sitting in my recliner while sipping hot herbal tea. I'm hopeful that this month will end with a healthier, more rested, skinnier me. I'm hopeful I'll develop new habits that will last well beyond January.

I'm hopeful. 

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