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Sugar gram in nuts?


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Naturally occurring sugar is fine. It is more important to make sure the ingredients are compliant than what the nutrition panel says. 

Think of it this way: if you were to pull an apple off a tree and it had a nutrition panel, there would be sugars listed. But it's fine because you know there is nothing added to the apple; you just picked it off the tree. 

Same deal with canned tomatoes or frozen veggies. The ingredients list are what's important. 

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Don't even bother looking at the nutrition label.  Only look at the ingredients list.  Many compliant foods (all fruits, veggies, and nuts) contain at least some naturally occurring sugar.

For instance, for something like a can of tomato paste:

Nutrition label: Sugar: 12 g

Ingredient list: Tomatoes

This product is totally OK.


However, something like bacon:

Nutrition label: Sugar: 0g

Ingredient list: Pork, sugar, spices

This product is non-compliant.



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