January 3rd start date and hope.


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Hi everyone,

I am a 53 year old RN who has been suffering with chronic fatigue all of my life.  I was an all star athlete as a child and I have always enjoyed exercise. Exercise was the best stress reliever that I had until about 8 years ago. After having several amalgam fillings unsafely drilled out, I almost became bedridden and had to take a leave of absence from work for 2 months. I have spent thousand of dollars on clinics, doctors, tests, supplements, bioidentical hormones, medications, etc... I have also done some genetic testing and found out that I have multiple genetic mutations that prevent my body from adequately eliminating toxins taken in from immunizations, pesticides, beauty products, etc...

Last March I started a nutrigenics program spending hundreds of dollars on supplements. The program started my body detoxing, and I did start to see benefits after several months in my energy levels and endurance. I even began doing some walking. Back in October I quit taking about 40 supplements a day because it became so burdensome to take an hour every week to load my daily supplement dispenser and I got extremely tired of swallowing so many capsules everyday. During all of these treatments over the years, I have NEVER tried to completely change my diet. I was and am a sugar addict, eating extaordinary amounts of sugar almost daily. I never thought that I had the discipline to do it. These last couple of months I have been feeling horrible. I am irritable, exhausted and at times did entertain the thought of suicide because I became tired of sleeping my life away. 

About 10 years ago I also began drinking daily to deal with my stress levels. The drinking skyrocketed after I was unable to exercise for stress relief. I have been in recovery for almost 2 years and was very disappointed when I didn't notice much improvement in how I felt physically after I did quit drinking. I also started eating more sugar and have gained about 20 pounds since I stopped. I am now the heaviest I have ever been in my life. My joints hurt, I am stiff. 

I bought the "Whole 30" book in October, but decided not to start until after the holidays. My husband is doing it with me. He has had issues with fatigue, rosacea, high A1C levels, low T and just recently joint pain. I am trying this way of life NOT to loose weight, but to physically and mentally feel better. I could have all the money in the world, but with the way I feel now, I would never be able to enjoy it!  Health and peace is what I strive to obtain in 2017, not material things.

I wish health and peace to you all.

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