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Day 2


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So far so good.  I wasn't feeling very well day the past 2 days, still not sure if I caught a bug, or just feeling bad because of detoxing.  The weather was dreary, so it felt good to stay inside in my jammies all day.  My husband was really helpful with the kids.  Today was our first day back to school/work after a very long (17 day) winter break, so there was lots of prep to do.  I posted the "meal template" on my refrigerator and have been encouraging my kids to plan their meals  that way, too.  My daughters packed their lunches last night according to the plan, but then put them in the freezer instead of the fridge.  Frozen apples, yikes!  I had a little more energy yesterday and organized my closet and a bookshelf.  Trying to make my surroundings feel good, too!  

I'm feeling hungry today.  So glad I packed emergency snacks with my lunch, but ate them all by 2:30, so I'm going to need to pack more food for work just in case.  I think I'm mostly feeling the lack of foods that make me feel full and yucky.  Brain fog, too.

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