Reunion with college friends halfway through Whole30?

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I've been kinda paleo for about 8 months, and started a Whole30 on Monday to (hopefully) finally kick the sugar cravings and get myself back on track after a crazy summer and first few months of grad school. Honestly, its been great so far, but when I decided to start, I failed to realize that all of my best friends from college are getting together for a big reunion/party weekend at one of the girls' mountain cabins. Basically, its going to be a big, drunken party with all of my favorite people.

So, my question is, if I choose to partake in the festivities (i.e. drink), will it totally derail my Whole30?



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Yep. But sometimes an event can take priority...I would just stay on it as best you can and choose to indulge only when it's really worth it and then start clean the day you get back home and go the full 30 days.

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