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Brown eyed girl's whole 30 (started 1/2/17)


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Ok, so I started this yesterday.  It is my second time, the first being in September.  I did great, but totally flubbed the reintroduction, and eventually I was eating anything and everything, especially by Christmas.  

Day 1

So I am on the road again and have the tools handy to do the reintroduction right.  I have a Real Plans Whole30 membership, and I love love love it!

Now for my food journal:

B: Yesterday I totally overslept, so I had my planned breakfast for lunch, which was 1/8 of a Whole30 Bacon Tomato Quiche.  yummy.  This will be breakfast for the week. I also had some grapes.

L:  Since I didn't have time to make my planned lunch before I went to work, I ate an Epic Bar (First time I tried, and oh so good) and a LaraBar.  Also had a snack of a LaraBar mid afternoon.  Not ideal, I know, but at least I knew it was compliant.  I am not sure about the food in the food court, I think there is soy and sugar in everything, even the meat.  So that was that.

D:  Very hungry for dinner.  Made NomNom Paleo's Mexican Beef (http://nomnompaleo.com/post/76137606724/pressure-cooker-mexican-beef) with some broccolli. OMG delicious!  The family ate it with rice, but I didn't miss it.  Next time I will make some cauliflower rice to go with it.  

S:  I ate a whole package of Bare Banana Chips with Cinnamon.  Technically compliant, but it became food without breaks. :(


For the record, I had a gastric bypass in 2003, and a revision in 2015.  I have to eat smaller meals, so I really should be eating 2-3 snacks, but I haven't figured out how to do it right.

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Day 2:  Woke up feeling pretty good (no hangover yet!)

I forgot to add coffee to yesterday's meal,  I have a thing for sweet creamy coffee.  It's my go to when I am stressed.  It took a while byt I finally found a way to enjoy my coffee sans sugar by adding canned coconut milk.  It's creamy and I like it!  I have 3 (good sized) cups a day, and between the 3 I add about half a can of coconut milk.  Since this is one serving of fat, should I cut down on the fat in my meals?  Or is the combination of meat/veggie/fat important?  And the good news is that since I can't get a latte or whatever at Starbucks (their alternative milks have added sugar!)  I am limited to the 3 cups at home.  I drink fruit infused water or unsweetened rasperry tea the rest of the day. (I don't like plain water)

So for today's food (in addition to the coffee) 

B: 1/8 leftover tomato bacon quiche and a handful of grapes

L: Again I am struggling here.  I realized that the canned chicken I planned on using for my chicken salad was not compliant, so I ate an Epic Bar.  Now I am thinking I might just scramble some eggs with spinach and call it.  I am still hungry!

D;  Although i haven't it yet, my planned dinner is Smoky Sweet Potato Hash from Against All Grain.  (http://againstallgrain.com/2014/01/16/smoky-sweet-potato-hash/  )  This was a go to for breakfast last whole30, and I love it.  I am out late on Tuesday nights so I need something simple.  I will probably bring an Epic Bar with me so I am not tempted to eat the yummies that are always at my meeting.  Or maybe some nuts and carrots to change it up.  And most likely I will eat a LaraBar before bed.  Struggling with the sugar dragon!

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Do not eat LaraBars if you are fighting sugar cravings! They will only encourage them. Make sure you eating enough at your meals, especially fat, which WILL tame your sugar cravings. 

Save the bars--any kind--for true emergencies, not planned eating or snacks. 

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