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Hello Darlameister!

Eat your fruit with a meal. No more than once a day, if that often. Many people eat no fruit on a Whole30. 

Most importantly, don't let fruit crowd vegetables off your plate. 

DON'T eat the dried fruit after a meal, as a substitute for "dessert"--or as a snack, as dried fruit can encourage sugar cravings and hunger and mess with your blood sugar. Choose fresh fruit is possible, and again as part of a meal (apple or raisins in a salad, etc).

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They are acceptable  (although with any dried fruit, read the ingredients-- sulfites are commonly added, and some fruits like cranberries are usually sweetened). 

Generally, don't let fruit push the veggies off your plate -- the meal template says to fill your plate with veggies. Fruit would be in addition to that, not in place of it.

With dried fruit, be careful with your serving sizes. Think about how big a fresh apricot would be, and how that would relate to the closed-fist-sized serving of fruit, you'd probably have one, maybe two apricots. Then think about how many dried apricots you eat -- it's easy to eat a handful of them, but then you've probably had four apricots.

As long as you watch your serving sizes, you could have fruit with each meal every day, but something you'd want to think about is, are you having it as a dessert replacement? If you feel like your meal isn't complete without something sweet at the end, now might be a good time to break that habit. 

How about sometimes having the apricots or figs chopped up in a salad, or part of a cauliflower rice couscous like this one: http://meljoulwan.com/2009/09/03/eat-your-vegetables-cauliflower-fouscous-pilaf/ or in a dish like the sweet crisp greens here: http://meljoulwan.com/2010/01/12/eat-your-vegetables-kale-chard-beet-tops-and-more/ (she uses cranberries, but I've subbed dried apricots, and I'm sure dried figs would be good as well.

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