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22nd October Come at ME!!!


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On the 22nd October i will commence my second whole30. The first one i completed back in July. I had great successes on it, and learnt what my body needs in order to live a happy and healthy life.

After my whole30 i went on a 6 week vacation through Europe. And whilst i tried very hard to stick to paleo and sugar free dieting, i did cave. I have come back home, and now feel bloated, have breakouts, and my energy is depleting.

I have been sugar free for almost 3 weeks now, and i am feeling somewhat better. Jet lag killed me, but i managed to try and detox all the "junk" out. I have cut fruit from my diet, and most nuts. The only nuts i am eating now is: Tahini in a morning drink, and Sunflower Nut butter in the afternoon. Though i am considering getting rid of these as well.

I have a friend doing this whole30 with me. And together we are going to improve our overall health. I am looking forward to crystal clear eyes, pure unblemished skin, a flat tummy, and feeling great in all my clothes.

I know i can acheive these goals, as i achieved them last time. I am just ready to kick the whole30 up a notch and really embrace the better health on the other side.

I'm going to try and get my friend onto these forums, so she can feel the support and guidance from everyone here, as it helped me through my journey last time.

Three Days till Ultimate Health :)

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Hope your day one went well. I too am starting Version 2.0 of W30 today.

Congrats on making health choices!



I am also starting my second Whole 30 today!

Good luck. I also started 10/22.

Sorry everyone, just saw these replies..........

Hope you are all doing well.

I'm on day 11 now, and i'm doing ok. Still feeling a little tired, and energyless, but i know it will pick up, just got to hit that 8 hours sleep...... Food wise though i'm going well. Not feeling too tempted to chuck it all in and gorge on sugar :D

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