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HUM 21 day cleanse


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We strongly recommend against doing cleanses along with the Whole30. This is an experiment of one to see how removing certain foods for 30 days and then reintroducing them will affect you.  How will you know what to attribute results (both good and bad) to if you're mixing programs?

There is no sugar or soy in these that I can see but I didn't stick around on the page long enough to see if they've got appetite suppressant ingredients... if so, we REALLY discourage that... you need to learn to listen to your body and understand full/hungry signals... 

As far as the Flatter Me, it looks like a digestive enzyme but with what it says on the front page about flatter stomach and all their 'claims', I would tend to steer away from this particular product as well, altho again, I cannot say for certain that I know what each of those ingredients is used for.  Do you know?  I would be hard pressed to take a supplement that I didn't know exactly what each ingredient was for.. :)


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