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Planning my second whole 30 but keep putting it off


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I did a very successful whole30 in April/May in 2016.  i felt better, lost a few unexpected pounds, and was very happy with the results.

Planning a second one due to some weight gain and because I am drifting  back to old habits such as eating bread in a restaurant and having my am coffee with heavy cream.  Holiday foods did't help either.  I don't have much of a sugar dragon, but eating even one cookie makes it easier to eat one the next day.  I have gotten back to having dairy on a regular basis, mostly cream in my coffee and some cheese.  I also have a little wine or a cocktail now and then.

I keep putting off starting my next round of W30, not wanting to give up my am coffee, which I only like with cream and a little cinnamon.  I think I can dial back the bread and sugar easily but dairy is my dragon.  If it is in the house, I will eat it.  

I am feeling so much resistance and keep putting it off for one excuse or another.  



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I can relate to your dairy woes. Was totally my dragon too even after 2 successful Whole30s. I thought is wasn't having it too often, but really it was daily cream in my coffee, bites of yogurt when I made my husbands lunch, ice cream here and there. It took a functional Medicine dr telling I had to give it up for it to happen. I did 30 days dairy free and started doing ghee and coconut oil or coconut cream blended into my coffee - blended in it tastes really good. I have now been dairy free for 3 months, with 2 planned off roads. But now I can have it in the house and don't seem to be bothered by it. I do have  goats cheese occasionally, and that's quite nice. 

Anyways just wanted to say you're not alone.....I had the same struggle for many months, but I do feel better since eliminating it. 

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Thanks j9er.  Helpful to know I am not alone with my dairy dragon. I was totally ok with no dairy after my W30, but my desire for it came roaring back once I started having it.  Cream is my downfall.  I can eat cheese occasionally without any problem.  I have also starting eating Kerrygold butter.  I don't seem to have a problem with butter but also like clarified butter just as well. It is the dang cream that seems to be the problem.  

In all honesty, I have been craving some sugar since Christmas. Our lovely neighbors showered us with homemade cookies and sweet bread and our family's traditional Christmas foods include lots of sugar, flour, and dairy.  Sugar isn't usually a problem for me but I got in the habit of eating these, to be polite and appreciative of the effort and love put into making them.  I did not feel so well after Christmas indulging so I need to develop a better strategy to avoid overindulging..

Thanks again and happy New Year.

Started reading Food Freedom Forever.  I think it will help me get on track.  

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Yes! Cream is my down fall too. Especially heavy cream. I could (and have been known to) take sips right out of the carton. 

I do butter instead of ghee now in my coffee and I'm fine with that too, a pound lasts a really long time, but I cannot bring heavy cream into the house. 

Good luck!! 

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Well now I have the perfect excuse to put off starting new W30. I am sick with the flu. The interesting part is I am eating in a W30 way because I know coffee with cream would not make my tummy feel wel and I am not hungry. Eating by default W30. 

I am not hungry so am not eating enough food according to the meal template. 

But, almost all the foods I am eating fits into the program. So, I guess I have started.  My only non-compliant food has been some fennel and pea soup yesterday, which did not bother me at all.

So, today is day one.  Not enough food but doing the best I can under the circumstances.

Breakfast - 1 piece bacon, pepto bismal, gasx , 2 Advil.  I don't know what is in the Pepto, besides some bright pink food coloring, but I need it.  Lunch was eggs scrambled with baby potatoes and leftover prime rib.  I wasn't hungry but it tasted good.  Afternoon snack was herbal tea.

my husband is cooking pork in the Instapot so I guess that is dinner with some veggies and potatoes or sweet potatoes.  

Feeling better, no more fever or horrible stomach cramps so I should soon be over this.




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Well, I am still having trouble with dairy and a few other foods (dark chocolate!).

Not a good time to restart W30 due to Mexico vacation coming up in 2 weeks but need to do something

I need to stop the dairy drift.  Having cream several times a day, butter, and a little cheese.  I also crave something sweet at night.

my plan is to go back on plan for the 2 weeks before my trip.  Tea instead of coffee, no little bits of dark chocolate.  No snacks with dairy component.  Eat a good protein and fat rich breakfast.  

I have slowly been getting tummy bloat and higher fasting blood sugar readings and only cause I can think of is my dairy habit.  Not sleeping well also.

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More thoughts.  I notice I don't sleep as well (under 7 hours) when I haven't done much moderate exercise such as walks, tai chi, etc the day before.  I have been using a Fitbit Charge 2 to track my exercise and sleep so I have some data to go on, and I find it motivating.  My husband has been using  a simple pedometer which he likes since he hates wearing a watch.

Am - Plain black tea with 2 strips bacon early this am. I woke up at 4:30 am after less than 5 hours sleep.  Got up to feed my ravenous cat, so decided I was hungry and not likely to go back to sleep.

Later had proper breakfast of 2 scrambled eggs, leftover baby potatoes and beef shank.  

Miss my am Nespresso and cream but tea is good enough.  Need to get cream out of the house.  I am too lazy to drive to the store so keeping certain food items out of the house is a big help.  My husband is ok with no cream.

My plan for today is to get some exercize and not have any cream or cheese and generally eat W30.  No grains, legumes, alcohol, sweeteners, soy, dairy.  Lots of veggies and a little fruit plus protein and a little starchy veg.  Keep my carbs under 50 cause I have t2 diabetes.  I can keep my blood sugar in high normal range when I restrict my sugar and starch input  (potatoes, yams, fruit, grains, legumes, etc)  with no meds.  Great fasting blood sugars when I was strictly W30.  I am at my best with 3-4 meals a day, which I stuck with on W30.  I need to make sure I eat a good breakfast,  which I am sometimes inclined to skip.


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Yesterday did fairly well but not perfect. Good enough, but did have tiny amt dairy.  

Ample breakfast of eggs, beef, potatoes, and black tea.  Took diltiazem.

Took walk in park.  Tired, headachy, and off balance probably due to restless night with little sleep.

lunch a little light - chicken thigh, Japanese persimmon.  Not hungry.

took 2 hour nap and felt much better.

pm snack - delicious leftover homemade soup of tomato, roasted red peppers, shallots, chicken broth, and small amt sour cream.   Broke no dairy rule but worth it.

Dinner - spinach, feta, chicken sausage with mustard, sautéed mushrooms with pecans, green beans.   Again a tiny amt dairy in sausage but couldn't taste the cheese.  Supplements d3, k2, potassium, magnesium, fish oil.

listened to 2 podcasts on ketogenic diets.  Both interesting.  I was low carb today, with 54 total carbs (including 8 fiber).  Calories very low.  Plenty protein but not enough fat.  Just not very hungry and feeling crummy.  I track my food intake on My Fitness Pal app.

evening snack - fresh blueberries.  Minor victory not adding cream! 

took 1 sleeping pill but still got less than 5 hours sleep  3rd night less than 5 hrs sleep.  Unusual.

This am woke up early with headache, itchy hands and ears, and achy muscles. Felt like it was allergy so took Claritin.  Had espresso with cream which cured the headache.  Felt better overall after  Claritin and coffee.  Broke no dairy rule but worth it.  Less tired today even though past 3 nights with little sleep.

light breakfast of 2 hard boiled eggs.  Not enough food but all I could eat.  Took diltiazem.

Did 1/2 hour tai chi video.  Love Scott Cole.

husband made me lunch of roast chicken and salad. Took D3 capsule.

Feeling groggy so I am off to take a nap.



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Still sleeping restlessly according to Fitbit, but no more itching when waking up.  Don't know why this change in my sleeping habits. 

Not getting as much walking because of very low energy due to lack of restful sleep.

Tried whipped coconut cream and cinnamon in my coffee.  Do not like it.  I love coconut curries but doesn't translate to whipped topping for me.  Tasted like chemicals to me and hubby agreed.  Wanted to try something different.

Yesterday no dairy but did have a small amount sugar and Splenda in my coffee. Not great so I guess I only like coffee with cream and cinnamon.  

Lunch at high end Chinese restaurant yesterday.  Delicious filet mignon dish with garlic and pepper. Also lovely asparagus.  Husband ordered pork potstickers which used to be something I loved.  I ate 2 but thought they were bland.  Not worth it and has wheat in it.  If I eat wheat, it should be worth it ( cookie, sourdough bread, pasta) and only rarely and not on W30.  I did notice some tummy cramps in the pm, so maybe the wheat or some unknown ingredient in the beef dish.

Afternoon snack of potato chips.  Delicious and worth it.

Dinner was homemade bolognese sauce (without the milk ingredient) over zucchini noodles.  Good.  

A few dark chocolate chips in the evening.

So, not a good day yesterday W30 wise or sleep wise.

Husband doing great on his walking and using turmeric for his knee pain (he had double knee replacements a few years ago and his knees sometimes ache and swell).  Turmeric has seemed to help him.





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