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Started today: January 3


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So, I officially started today; I had to go shopping yesterday to stock up. So far, so good. I ate so many different of vegetables: zucchini, shallots, avocado (not technically a veg, I know), savoy cabbage, celery, carrots, delicata squash, golden beets, onions, & rainbow chard. It feels so good to put the focus on plants & proteins. I am new to Whole30, but not to grain-free, sometimes, dairy-free, and Paleo eating. This past year, my food got all wacko again and I started eating wheat/ gluten again after about 4 years of not. I have Crohn's Disease and I know diet is key to helping me feel good. I am going to avoid nightshades as well for the next 30 day, but going to keep eating eggs because they are such a go-to protein. My husband and son won't be doing it with me, but our meals are usually based on protein & veggies, they may just have added bread or rice. I wanted to do Whole30 months ago but we were moving, and then the holidays, blah, blah. Now my kitchen is unpacked, holidays are over, I have an Instant Pot and the willingness.



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