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Day 3 - major headache!


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Man, day 3 has been kicking my butt since 4am, when I woke up with a terrible headache. I got up and drank a huge glass of water, in case it was related to dehydration and took a few Advil and went back to bed.

But I could barely get myself out of bed on time when the alarm went off and I was super nauseous as well.  Normally in these situations I would have a few pieces of toast and tea with milk and sugar....  But, since I waned to stay on plan, I figured the most bland thing I could think to settle my stomach was a few cashews and some plain black tea.

I was able to eat an RX bar later, and finally even later a bit of eggs and and left over roast sweet potato from the previous day dinner.

But still hours later I've got the headache still going.  And I'm tired even though I went to bed early and slept in.

BUT - I am still compliant!!  And I will NOT let this day beat me.  Even if I just have to go back to sleep! (not that my schedule has the time for that today)

So, I guess I am on track with feeling the way I do today, since according to the calendar its a "Hangover" day. :P

Tomorrow should be fun, LOL

I hope all fellow folks on day 3 are staying strong as well!

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I'm also on day 3. Don't give up! I haven't experienced the headaches yet (just a bit of a swirly feeling in my head). I also quit smoking and a daily bottle o'wine, so that's what's making it hard for me right now. I've gotten two terrible nights of sleep in a row, lots of waking up tossing and turning. But I'm still compliant and grateful to be mostly feeling good. 

If you continue to wake up with nausea, ginger tea is great to calm the stomach. Also, this may sound silly but I swear it works with nausea and anxiety-hold one nostril and take a deep breath, switch to holding the other nostril and exhale slowly. Do this a few times (doesn't usually take me much) and it starts to feel better. 

Cheers and best wishes!

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