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Calistar - Day 1 log


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I started today 1/3! My husband is trying to do this with me. I am a carb - oholic and sugar fiend  so I am a little nervous about all this but - We survived the first day. I don't like veggies so this is even a bigger challenge for me. We have friends who have completed the 30 days and always talk about how much better they feel - we want the same results! So far, so good!

Day 1 food - Coffee with French Vanilla nutpod creamer (not bad since I drink coffee with cream and 2 sugar cubes), hard boiled egg and banana

snack - green grapes

Roast Beef, baked potato with Ghee butter (tastes like popcorn butter almost - very rich), salad,  apple

Applesauce with cinnamon

Chicken breast with chic broth, boiled potato. 1 broccoli floret

applesauce with cinnamon

64 oz of pineapple infused water

Route 44 iced tea

Handful of cashews

No little snacks - chocolate, cookies, etc.

Yay Me!!!!!



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Have you seen the meal template (linked in my signature below).  To get the most out of your Whole30, you want to make your meals match the template.  Eggs when they are your sole source of protein are as many as you can hold in one hand without dropping.... that's 3-4 for most people to start.  You also want to put veggies... lots of veggies with all your meals... fruit is fine, but it should not be replacing veggies on  your plate.

What is Route 44 iced tea?  I googled and it looks like it's from Sonic... Is it just a teabag and water/ice?  Or is it sweetened? 

Definitely yay you for staying away from the chocolate and cookies!

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