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My January Whole30


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I've tried Whole30 before but I've never made it all 30 days.  I think the closest I got was 27.  I am very determined to get there this time, I'm getting married in October and I want to slim down as well as just be as healthy and happy as I can be.


Prepping is definitely the key! I started my Whole30 on Tuesday so Monday I prepped Nom Nom Paleo's spicy tuna cakes, the pot roast and carnitas from Whole30, and spaghetti squash spaghetti.


I've basically just been eating those at various meals. I am having trouble getting fat in and I'm probably eating too much fruit, but at least I'm aware of it and will try to reduce going forward.




Breakfast: 1 spicy tuna cake, 1  banana

Lunch: Carnitas on salad w/ salsa and guac.  A little bit of spaghetti.



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