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1.30.17 Start date

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Hi everyone! I am starting my first Whole30 in a few weeks (January 30). I am very eager to get started (would have done an earlier start time but we have a menu and dessert tasting scheduled this month for our wedding in September). I want to do the Whole30 to have better control and a healthy relationship with food.  I seem to do well for awhile and feel like I have my eating under control, and then almost out of nowhere I eat foods (and drinks)  I know don't sit well with me and then feel horrible about myself afterwards.  Then I'll go back to counting calories/tracking my macros/weighing alllllll my food and weighing myself every morning...and it's a viscous cycle that never seems to end.

Along with the food choices, I am curious to see how my energy will be impacted. Currently, by the time I get home from work, I feel completely drained, which is now starting to bleed over into my weekends. I have also plateaued with my workouts, so I am also interested in if this will improve!

Anyways, I am super excited to fully commit to the Whole30 on January30th! I've read my books, starting to read my labels as I prep my house and am trying out the recipes to get the hang of them.

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