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Looking for suggestions in Charlotte, NC or Chain Restaurants


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Hi guys! I'm new to the program (going on day 4!) Does anyone else live in Charlotte and have any suggestions for restaurants/items on the menu you've found success with? I was successful with one in Plaza Midwood: Bang Bang Burger by ordering their burger bowl (basically a salad) but was hoping for some other suggestions.

I also travel a lot to other parts of the country so if anyone has any regular items they'd like to share from other chain restaurants that'd be great too! 

Thanks in advance!

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I'm taking a trip to Durham next week. If I can I'll go to a burger place (I prefer FarmBurger) and order a plain burger with lettuce and tomato and a fried egg. The also have a super salad that I have them take out the cranberries and honey roasted nuts. Other than that I think I'm going to look at McDonalds breakfast menu to see what kind of eggs I can find. The way I look at it, if I'm traveling I am going to be temporarily inconvenienced, so I'm just going to suck it up and live with it until I get home. Good luck! Oh, just in case I always take a bottle of Tessamae's salad dressing with me. 


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I went to Grabbagreen yesterday and they make salads with your choice of protein. I skipped the dressing. It was really good. Kale, nice mix of veggies, avocado, yams.

BBQ should work- Midwood Smokehouse- just get a pile of pork/chicken/turkey- no sauce.

Chima (pricey) but basically unlimited meat.

Mod Paleo (now the Good Kitchen) does meal service (probably can find Whole 30 options)

Viva Chicken should work- maybe not all the sauces. But you can get chicken and the fruit salad or regular salad (no dressing, no feta)

La Shish Kabob on Sharon Amity is great (it's a little sketchy looking on the outside), but you can get meat skewers and then a double salad instead of rice (make sure they don't give you the pita salad).

Luna's Living Kitchen if you get tired of meat - it's raw vegan (avoid anything with beans and you should be OK). It's surprisingly filling. Fresh. Delicious.

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