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HELP! Are MuscleUpPaleo Meals Whole30 Approved??

Cristina Demi

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Hey Everyone! I am actually about to start my 2nd Annual Whole30 On Monday  January 9th. I completed my first Whole30 last January after a few restarts in month prior.  I's starting off a little later then everyone else i'm sure but I've been sick since Christmas and just now starting to feel like myself again...sort of! This Years Whole30 is going to be a bit different for me for a few reasons.

Reason #1) My best friend is now going to be joining me (YAY!) last year I did it all on my own but after seeing how happy I was and how flat my stomach got last year my BFF decided to jump on the Whole30 train this time around! 

Reason #2) I have now joined my boyfriends Crossfit and workout at least 3 (i try to go 5-6) times a week (minus this past week because I've been sick) Last year I was lucky if I workout out once a week. 

Reason #3) I just got a teaching job for my first year ever since I graduated in 2014 and I now work 11 hour days instead of 4-5 hour days babysitting, which doesn't leave much time to cook

Here's Where the Question Comes In! 

I've been eating pre-made MuscleUpPaleo meals to stay heathy without having to cook.  But now that I am preparing to start another Whole30 I am unsure if those meals are Whole30 Approved...HELP!!! Is anyone familiar with these meals and if I am still able to eat them during my 30 days or will I have to start cooking again? 

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15 minutes ago, Cristina Demi said:

 but in my experiences Whole30 is a bit more strict with what it allows and what it doesn't.  

Yup -- you will have to compare the ingredient list of each meal with the Whole30 rules.

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While I do want you to do your own research, as staying on top of that stuff is part of succeeding with the program, I did take a look at the website.

Two red flags: a lot of the dishes use maple syrup, and they specify nitrate-free bacon not sweetener-free bacon.

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