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Hello my fellow Whole30 completers! Yesterday was graduation day for me-woohoo. 30 days, no cheats, no deprivation, no I-will-kill-you feelings. Yay.

I'm planning on logging daily here, for accountability; and my reintroduction experiments in the new forum.

We're starting with dairy. Amazingly my sister couldn't find any straight up cream without Carageena! I'm going to look at a different store tonight. But we're planning on some cheese with dinner, and a lil ice cream. Hagen Daz is one of the few brands without a crapton of crap. Sadly, even ben & jerry's uses corn syrup. So well sourced dairy, just not other stuff. Sad, sad day.

I plan on eating mainly compliant because: it hasn't been very hard, I LOVE how I'm feeling and I haven't missed much.

I am looking forward to the cheese. And a little wine. Next weekend, part of my gluten experiment will be beer. Ah Guinness, please be kind :)

Today at work we had a large amount of food sitting around. And even though my boss, who has been curious and very supportive, was like, Oh, you can eat today! I wasn't tempted by anything. Except the orange juice. Some kind soul brought in SimplyOrange. I have missed my Sunday morning oj. It was good, but Sweet! My little 6 oz cup I poured is only half gone, 5 hours later.

I"m a little trepidatios because I'll be off on my own for the next 2 weeks, dogsitting. In the past dogsitting = Snacking. A lot of snacking. So that is my mini-goal. Not to allow snacking to creep back in. Ok, that's a lot more than I had planned to write :)

M1: scrambled eggs w/spinach, pork belly & avocado. Coffee black

"snack"/exp 1: orange juice

M2: slow cooker pulled pork, delicata squash w/coconut butter. Decaf coffee (it's a cold, rainy day)

16 oz water. need to keep working on increasing my intake.

So, hello again, looking forward to keeping calm and Whole30ing/Ninjaing On :D

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Dogsitting at someone elses house so swung thru the store to stock up. Funny thing, packing up some food from home sisasked uf I wanted the coconut aminos. We haven't actuallyused them yet & wasn't sure Whati was going to do for food so I declined. What did I end up cooking, chicken stir fry! :)

m3: chickenbreast with veggies.

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Good morning :) didn't sleep very well last night but I uually don't the first night dogsitting. Getting acclimated to the dogs, house noises, & for being out in what feels like the middle of nowhere the room is nit nearly as dark as my own. Going to have to figure out some better widow coverigs for the next 2 weeks. Icecream experiment went well last night. Just a little gassy half an hour after eating but no discomfort . Had cream real cream in my coffee this morning. Having never had before, I can now understand why that may hve been hard for a lot of people to stop cold turkey.

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M1: coffee with cream. Skillet cooked yam in coconut oil with cinnamon. Tossed in a d'anjou pear too. Mixed in some coconut milk and topped with a fried egg. Enjoyed in front of a picture window looking out onto the river, hills cloaked in Fall colours. Peaceful, took some time to reflect on the past month and the changes I want to continue to make. And then the dogs perked up and the day was under way:)

heading over ti house for football/food so didn't want ti eat a full on lunch. Had half of a ginormous fuji apple, handful of cashews, a lil coconut butter and berry La Croix. Tossed the ball for the dogs for a bit. Little buggers kept going for the same ball so I got plenty of exercise walking the length of the yar getting a ball to throw :)

m2: M2: football!!!! Taco salad with....Cheese! Nice sharp cheddar block. Sour cream, eh. Don't think I'll be eating that again. Weird film in mouth, and honestly just didn't taste as good as I thought it would. Oh well.

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Paleo pancakes. Yum! Topped with half a banana, no syrup. English black tea with a little honey and a splash of cream. I plan on that being my only dairy for the day. What a wonderful Sunday morning. Mist on the river, went out and walked with the dogs in the yard, lots of laughter when one thought he'd won the big stick prize, and fought with that dang root for a good 5 minutes :) while enjoying my delicious breakfast a small group of deer wandered by, then there was a parade of turkeys. Before I was worried about being in a new setting right off of the whole30, worried I'd slip into snacking, boredom induced eating. But so far, it's been a wonderful setting for quiet reflection. Did some yoga this morning. I had grabbed things to start running again, everything but my tennis shoes! Will pick those up tomorrow after work.

My goals while here:

TV on only to watch occasional Halloween movie I brought, no mindless zoning.

Run in the morning.

Do yoga/PT stretching every dat, at least 15 min. Continue to go to bed before 10pm.

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M2: chicken stir fry. Finally tried coconut aminos. Pretty good.

Played fetch with the dogs, tried out the hammock (um, not so good :)), swept up a Bunch of wet leaves off of the front walkway.

M3: grass fed ground beef for a meat n tomato sauce with onions over spaghetti squash. So filling, couldn't even finish my bowl. A little later had done more icecream, now sipping on some warm vanilla tea with a dollop of coconut milk. Easing towards bed, warm tea in front of a small fire while watcing a little Walking Dead. Happy

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Mondays are SO much harder when you're in someone else's environment. Dogs decided to play hide n seek with me this morning, dropped one of my last 2 eggs :( Suffice it to say I was a little aggravated and short on time this morning. However, I did not take it out in my driving (as I might have in the past) I just kept telling myself I'll get there when I get there. After parking at home, swapping shoes and grabbing my bike I was only 5 minutes late. Not too bad.

Nice problem to have: The outfit I was going to wear was a no-go because my pants were too big!

And it was so nice to open the forum and see so much love on my success story. This forum has really been a key success tool. The support, tough love and amazing research abilities (I'm slightly google challenged :)) have been amazing!

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Well, I pretty much survived the week :) Today is my Friday (woohoo!) but it's a wolloper of a day. Work, volunteer, grocery shopping for Halloween party, back to dogsitting and prepping for the weekend.

So I made sure to start my day right.

Have a ginormous sweet potato (think nerf football. Really). Lopped off a good sized chunk, chopped into little pieces. Cook that and some pork sausage in coconut oil. Took out the sausage and left the potato going for a bit. Got distracted by the dogs and accidentally let the sp caramelize a little. Happy accident :) Put the sausage back in, chopped up a D'Anjou pear that had gone soft, added in some blueberries and let that all get cozy together while finished getting ready for work. Oh My Goodness that was good. Thought about some coconut milk for fat, but going take a break from taht for a few days. Have been a lil constipated this past week, and in other posts have seen some people say an overconsumption of coconut can contribute to that :(

Bee-yoo-tiful day out today. Walked home for lunch. Had chicken "soup" from leftovers last night. Roasted a WF chicken rubbed with ghee, dill and salt (it's taking a bit to adjust to the size difference. I know it's better for the birds and for us, but wow, my first thought when I unwrapped the butcher paper was "did we get a cornish hen?" Now it wasn't That small, just drove home the difference between ethically, humanely, Naturaley raised birds and overfed, undermoved, size "assisted" poultry available in teh regular grocery store.

Anywho, roasted that bird with a group of multi colored carrots (fun, and odd, the purple ones apparently need to cook longer than the rest) onion and dill. I even tied the legs together with a long stalk of dill. Pan drippings made an excellent quick soup base. So, lunch today!

Will take the rest of that and an apple to volunteer night, planning = not being Hangry while grocery shopping.

Looking forward to this weekend. 1) I have tomorrow off, and plan on hitting the Country Mill for some truly good cider. 2) Halloween Party!!! 3) Baking, for the first time in over a month. Now, just have to decide on what kind of cupcakes :) 4) did I mention I have tomorrow off? And my party is this weekend?

Aside from the cupcakes, and some adult beverages, our Halloween food will actually be compliant. Doing homemade Buffalo chicken wings, veggie tray with homemade dips (ISWF avocado dressing and ranch), mushroom caps stuffed with compliant pork sausage, bacon wrapped figs/dates. (ok, the bacon Might have some sugar in it, depends on a few things, so not compliant. But I'm not in W30 so :P )

In Halloween speak, we're having spicy Bat Wings, oger and gnome appendiges with swamp muck and goop, shrunken brains and Devils on Horseback-no idea why they're called that, but it's a fun name.

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Oh boy, what a weekend. Party went well. Food was nearly all compliant :)

But my sister and I are going to do a Whole14, because neither of us are feeling so hot after the gluten weekend. While some things will still be in my life on occassion, my F-off list if you will, some things just aren't worth it. Ugh. I am Not loving the way I'm feeling today.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Kept meaning to start back up, but you know.... :) Ok, so we're doing a WholeUntilThanksgiving, however long that is :D

Had yesterday off so got up and voted early and :) Scrambled eggs and bacon w/black coffee (I've really come to prefer it) before heading out to do some fun, girls-day shopping with my sis.

a long time in the car is the only time I Want a pop. It's just a trigger for me. Didn't cave, but man it would be so easy. Argh. Walked into the mall and bam, they have a PF Changs. Never knew that, and they must have just cranked up the cooking for lunch time because it felt like just couldn't get away from the smell. But, shopped for a few hours adn then had a mid day lunch at an Italian restaurant. Figured it would be easier to stay on plan, but then my eye kept going back to an eggplant dish. Romano encruste, fresh mozzarella topped eggplant with parmesan spaghettini....I made a conscious decision to have it. If my sister chose to get dessert I would not join her. Man, the eggplant was the bomb. Perfect. The pasta, after the first couple of small bites with the eggplant, I was like, Meh. Actually left the majority of the pile there on my plate. Ate some of my sisters roasted vegetables, great with the pomodoro sauce...lemon water and then maybe half a cup of decaf coffee as we sat and relaxed.

Stopped at a Wendy's for water, only had bottled geesh. Crazy thing, the bottle smelled like fast food! And none of that "food" looked even mildly tempting.

Got home, sleepy, footsore, way to much to be done...and still made chicken thigh/veggie stir fry with coconut aminos. Bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, snow peas, onions, Yum.

Breakfast today tiny sweet potato, coconut milk, cinnamon and breakfast sausage. Not enough, but i got through until lunch. Salad greens, chicken thighs cooked with onion, avocado, tomato and bell peppers. Yummy.

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dinner last night, red cabbage, pork sausage and apples. Yum yum.

Helped my sister make chili last night, not without a little sleepy whining :) but it was soooo worth it today to go home ot warm chili (left it simmering in the crock pot this morning).

Started the day with scrambled eggs and bacon (finally, Finally made Fluffy eggs!!!)

Lunch-aforementioned chili w/half an avocado on top.

Dinner, don't know yet. Volunteer night, probably will grab some chili to go.

Realized I need to make a more conscious effort to keep up the fat intake now that I'm not in an official Whole30 :)

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Rode my bike to volunteer night for the first time...that was an adventure. Sadly the sidewalk is Not bicycle friendly but the road is in no way safe. Pretty sure I pulled a few muscles trying to compensate for the jarring differences between curb and sidewalk/road (even though they're ramped) oh chili made it, safe and contained in my basket :) the bowl was a little messy though once I opened it. Wasn't even tempted by yet another night of carb/starch/bread overload offerings.

Home after, was hungry (I forgot to grab avocado for chili). Had some leftover pumpkin puree, nuked that with some cinnamon, whisked in some coconut milk....warm, filling and delicious!


Started the day with a sweet potato and leftover cabbage/sausage/apple. Good, but should have grabbed something more, I'm hungry now. But I can make it to lunch time.

Mini goals for the weekend: be better about getting enough fat; yard work; go to bed when tired. Oh how easy it is to slide back into old behaviors.

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What a nice weekend, was 3 days since Veteran's Day was yesterday. Overall enjoying sticking fairly close to W30 eating even when not doing a Whole30, but also enjoy (for the most part, it's a learning experience) when I choose to eat something delicious and nonW30. For example, Saturday I had the opportunity to go to a lunch catered by a woman from Cameroon featuring traditional dishes. Nothing really new was on the table, but everything was put together in a new way. Corn and turnip green (semi mashed, then shaped inside the cornhusks and boiled), Spicy black beans, rice cooked with lots of veggies & shrimp (including green beans, strange but good) and something very similar to a plain doughnut hole. Not nearly as sweet and was actually meant to be eaten with the spicy beans. Very good. One plate of a little of each was enough to make me more than full. Used leftover rice mix for dinner, cooked up some scramble eggs and tossed in. Cameroon fried rice :)

Sunday was a beautiful day, not to be wasted. I was outside most of it doing yard work. Enjoyed all of that sunshine and fresh air. Amazing thing (but typical of Michigan really) I was hot doing yard work in jeans and long sleeved T on Sunday. Only to have freezing wind on Monday and a little snow in the evening! :D I <3 snow!

Don't totally recall what I ate Sunday. Sis made bacon and eggs for breakfast. Had a slice of truly amazing bbq chicken pizza....Ah now I remember! Met a friend for lunch only to have her have to rush off :( Had a Grand Traverse Pie Co, holiday turkey sandwich. They performed some kind of magic to make the dressing taste like gravy (Don't Want To Know!) but upside, happy face, they put on Real, whole (well chopped :)) cranberries! It was pretty tasty for a sandwich. The rye bread was meh. Finding I really don't miss bread. Especially mediocre bread.

Lessons learned: some food, totally worth it. Scared to possible unleash my salt dragon so haven't tried any crunchy salty snacks (ie tortilla chips) I do miss chips and salsa though... Rice, for the most part is meh. As above though, yum. Bread, so far, meh. Beer, yum :)

Sad how many "healthy" options are sooooo far from that (restaurant soup, restaurant tea, restaurant veggies. I'm noticing a trend)

I can walk through the grocery section of a store while truly hungry and not be tempted in the slightest way to go for the easy out.

Getting back on the bandwagon today. (Honestly don't remember food yesterday. Other than having to fight the urge for cold weather "staples" ie hot chocolate, know :) )

M1: kabocha squash, cooked pears w/cinnamon, coconut butter, black coffee

11ish, hungry! Food here today for newbie, including superspecialamazing French Toast. But I resisted!!!

"snack" Hot blackberry tea (no soy lecithin!)

M2: whole foods bratwurst, red cabbage and approx 1/2 cp spinach all cooked up and delicious. With water.

"snack2" More hot tea. Vanilla this time.

Gassy today. Think it's a combination of offroading, ToM, tights....cabbage hasn't contributed these past 2 months. But still nowhere near the embarrasing levels of the past (nickname Bubbles, yup that was me :unsure: )

Happily full.

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Yesterday: Super fluffy scrambled eggs and left over carnitas. Yummy, and greatly appreciate sis making breakfast, but had to make myself finish. Haven't been as hungry in the morning the past few days, but blaming that on lack of bm, every other day past few days. Argh. Apparently eating rice binds me up. Had some Saturday with catered lunch, leftovers Sunday, and ate my sisters Mexican leftovers Monday for dinner.

M2: Carnitas, and kabocha squash.

M3: Carnitas salad, greens, red bell pepper, tomatoes and green onion. Good, but need to add some variety of proteins :) We've got lots of beef, bought 1/4 cow. But too many days of the same one = not happy insides I think.

Today. Er mehr gehrd what a morning. Don't want to relive it by laying it out here, but Er. Mehr. Gerhd. sums it up pretty well.

M1: Whole sweet potato microwaved, 2 T coconut butter and dab of cooked pears with cinnamon. Black coffee.

Slept well with the "kids" out, the two younger cats. But they decided it was time to get up at play about 4am, so closed them up in their room and reset alarm to go off at 6:30 vs 6am. A little sleepy, and I will admit, with the morning I had, made a full thermos' worth of coffee (= 2 1/2 coffee cups) past few days I have been cutting it to 1, 1 1/2. Realized I was drinking a decaf tea in the evening when I thought it was caffeine free. So Obviously I need to cut back on my caffeine since I couldn't really tell, and was able to go straight to bed!

It's a beautiful, sunny & crisp day out there today, "meditated" while walking to work, today Will be OK. Tomorrow is Silver Bells in the City (pretty big deal here in Lansing), with parade, lighting of the state Christmas tree and Fireworks! Plus my niece is surprising older sister for her birthday by planning a girls evening here in Lansing.

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I've been packing my weekends so full that once I do have time to actually get on the computer I just want to relax....

It was funny, as walking home for lunch on Friday I asked my sister if she thought the coffee was strong. Yup. Ok, that explained why I felt like my whole system was going BZZZZ. :) Don't remember lunch, but we kept it Whole 30 because....Friday evening was a sisters/niece night out on the town for our local holiday kickoff celebration Silver Bells. Started at family owned, Awesome!, pizza place. Between the 4 split 2 small pizzas, oh my goodness yum, and I had a glass of wine. One glass, and I was feeling a little tipsy, but I wasn't driving so it was all good. I felt a little sister and her husband have gone to this pizza place a couple of times since we finished Whole30, and I've snagged a leftover piece here and there. But to have it fresh and hot and ooey-gooey, I ate more pieces than I had planned to.

Finished the evenign with birthday cake niece made (good, but amazing that I can now taste all fo the "stuff", even in chocolate frosting) and homemade hot sipping chocolate. Just a demitasse cup was more than enough. Tongue felt funny and I was jazzed up on sugar.

Which led into Saturday. Rolled out to the last farmers market of the year nearby, a friend makes beyond amazing pastries and she was super stocked, wanted to go and support. Grabbed coffee (black) from locally owned coffee shop and got to going. Came home and had a slice of Gateau Breton and last of coffee. Then on to yardwork. Which is a good thing, all of that sugar and caffeine needed ot be used! Funny thing though, my body seems to react to too much sugar/caffeine not by bouncing off the walls, but a overwhelming urge to nap.

Overall, though, still ate fairly well. And still learning how I react to certain foods, or combinations of...makes me more aware and better able to make conscious decisions. While I didn't totally enjoy the Bday cake, it was important to my niece and was an important celebration so that was worth it.

Today, back on it because in three days (!! hard to believe) it's Thanksgiving. And while yes, we're are overall eating well: whole, real foods, foods we've enjoyed on T-day even before Whole30 came around, brussel sprouts, Turkey, we Are having mashed potatoes, and Real pumpkin pie. In a walnut, gluten-free crust.

M1: running very, Very behind, didn't sleep well/much last night, new neighbors = noise and light haven't had to deal with in a while. Sweet potatoe, blueberries, coconut butter and black coffee.

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Yesterday, M2: grassfed ground beef cooked up with red cabbage from the farmers market, topped with a little horseradish mustard. So good and filling.

Busy night of errand running, but instead of choosing to eat out, took a break & went home to cook up some more beef with red sauce (no sugar!!) over spaghetti squash. Again, So good, and filling. Back out to finish errands, but we ended on a high note, shopping for our giving tree kids, 5 & 6 years old. That was fun!


M1: pork sausage, then cooked 3 chopped up apples in the fat with cinnamon. Ate with a real, South Carolina, southern sweet potato :) and a smidgen of coconut butter. Decadent feeling, filling and a nice change from eggs. Black coffee. Goal for the next few days, wean myself back down from 2 full mugs to 1.

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Lunch: repeat of dinner, fresh cooked last of grass fed ground beef, mixed in red sauce, this time added a whole tomato chopped up and had over spaghetti squash. Good. But I'm finding if I eat any one type of meat too many times in a row I get gassy... grrr.

Dinner: planning steaks. and something :). Will be a (pleasantly) busy evening. Making walnut crusts for pumpkin pies, cranberry sauce (thank you theclothesmakethegirl Melissa J, not even going ot attemp spelling your last name :D) and something else...oh yeah, ratatouille. Mmmmm....

And loved the post today about M & D's Tuesdays. I often think (as I'm staring at my phone/computer screen) I need to unplug...and then I don't.

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Last night....oh it started so well. But something went tragically, horribly wrong and we ended up Sick! Ugh. Fortunately it passed quickly. I blame the turnips. It's a newer addition to my vegetable rotation and they may have been too far gone. Akin to eating a green potatoe I think with the sickness.

Another day...Yay, off for 5 days after this!!! :D M1: Scrambled eggs. A small cup of coffee with Pear tart. Happy Thanksgiving Eve :) It was a 1/4 piece from a 4 inch tart my amazing friend makes. Self taught french pastry chef, and oh is she good!!

M2: went downtown to lunch with my sister. Went to a downtown longtime establishment (olive burgers since 1923). Honestly, they're not as amazing as everyone says they are (have they never had a truly good olive burger???) but after last night neither of us wanted to chance any of the leftovers at home :(. So had a bunless olive burger, and we split a small order of fries. While I think they skimp on the olives, they make up for it slightly by (I'm not 100% but) cooking their fries in tallow. Water. Even though both of us were practically salivating at the thought of a real cherry coke. I don't know why, ever since a coworker walked by earlier today and mentioned the convenience store was closing early I've been actively craving a pop. For the first time in 2 months! We resisted. And as my sister said, I feel quite virtuous for Not having a pop :)

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An olive burger? I am intrigued. Please tell me more!

(Oh and sorry you were sick!)

Thanks kb.

I was offline for the holiday weekend. I intentionally and whole-heartedly off-roaded :) but felt that logging it here would just make me feel guilty.

Olive burger: beef patty topped with mayo mixed with generous amount of chopped green olives (with pimentos is best). Wa-laa! Olive burger. If you feel you Have to eat it with a fork, you have the perfect amount of topping :D

Think I'm going to make a homemade mayo version soon....yummmm.

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You're welcome. Funny thing, I don't really care for green olives by themselves. But on a burger, in mashed potatoes, and I may have to try in egg salad, that's intriguing :)

While not jumping into an official Whole30 I'm trying to reign myself back from the Thanksgiving indulgences. Tis not easy. But what motivates me? Knowing how much better I can feel, just by changing what goes into my mouth. All week I've felt as if I'm coming down with something. Not a bug, just less great food choices. And sugar, whether from an actual sweet item or bread bread bread, generates a Monster headache. I've been bloated, sniffly, headachey and just Bleh. So, with that....

Yesterday, started the day off Great: scrambled eggs, pork sausage and kale all scrambled together.

Lunch: red cabbage, onions and ground beef. With a pear, a smidgen of walnuts & cranberries, topped with coconut butter (oh my god, I had almost forgotten how good that stuff is!) (still doing good)

M3: finished off my lunch. Then off to volunteering. Started with a tangelo. Only non bread item on the table and I was Hungry. Even after chugging some water. And then the snowball rolls....Then coffee, and since it's crappy coffee (it's donated so can't complain Too loudly) splashed in some milk. And grabbed a crescent roll...stopped there until..

Home after, finished off the stuffing, topped with some of the delicious homemade cranberry sauce from here.

Woke up eh-ok. But hungry-better sign right?

M1: 2 eggs friend in ghee, black coffee (so much better... :))

M2: not a whole hell of a lot in the fridge. Last chunk of turkey, small yam microwave steamed, roasted zucchine. And who knew green beans could smell so godawful when turned?!? ugh! Here I was trying to get some green veggies, and do I ever regret opening That container! So brought back another tiny yam and coconut butter, just in case.

Right now, sipping on some warm black chai tea....enjoying the warmth and the warm and fuzzies I've gotten from my coworkers :) All 35 of the kids on our Angel tree will get some Christmas wishes filled. I only had to apply a smidgen of, not guilt, forceful seasonal cheer :)

Feeding my belly good food. Feeding my soul good things.

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