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This Seems Easy

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I am on day 4. I've had some headaches and I was fogged up and sleepy yesterday. I'm eating 3 meals a day. Rare snacking. And when I do it's a few pieces of fruit. Like some sliced pineapple or some grapes. I haven't had any nuts or nut butters. I am eating completely opposite of where I was before. I used to snack twice a day at work. Then binge eat whatever after work. 3 large meals. Lots of carbs. My last day "before whole 30" I had mcdonalds for lunch and then top ramen and toast for dinner. 

Should I be... worried that I'm doing something incorrectly? 

I have a eggs, homemade sausage, spinach, sweet potato (in a casserole) for breakfast 

lunch has been chicken and veggies

dinner has been chicken and veggies or pork chops and apples. Or one night I had a burger patty with mustard a few red potatoes slices and brocolli. I've checked every ingredient on everything I've used for hidden "no no's". 

Am I just lucky? Am I missing something? Am I just too happy too soon? 

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I'd just consider yourself lucky and hope that there are no curve balls heading your way.... B)

Seriously though, the timeline is just a guide line - not everyone suffers from 'the hangover', or wants to 'kill all the things'.

Your meals sound okay to me from what information you have given, so as long as you're not hungry I'd just keep on keeping on...!

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