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Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer and I live in AL.  Last year I had to take a year off from running due to an injury.  While I tried to stay positive and watch what I was consuming by summer I put on 10 of the 40 lbs that I had worked so hard to take off the year prior through exercise and following the paleo diet.  I knew it was a bad sign when I had to bring my "big" girl shirts back out.  Now I'll take a moment to say I'm not "a fast runner" but I do "run" and I found this hobby 5 years ago.  Never knew how much I loved it until last year when I was side-lined.  Well December came and with it an additional 20 lbs.  To say the least I was not happy.  I felt sad, disappointed, run down.  I knew changes had to happen and soon as I was experiencing acid reflux, fatigue, and depression. I had the Whole30 book on my wish list, along with a lot of other items.  Thankfully, my husband told my mother in law about it and she bought it for me. I read it cover to cover and along with my husband we set January 3rd as our start date.  We are in day 4 and it's going well.  The only thing we seem to be struggling with is the lack of appetite sometimes.  I guess we are staying fuller longer so we are a little off schedule on time of day that we eat.  I love all of the food though...we have started with the 1 week menu in the book and it's been delicious food every meal!

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