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Day 6 - Tips for a month of travel


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Hi Whole30 people! I am at the end of my day 6 and I LOVE WHOLE 30! I have three days of consistent energy under my belt, two days of sleeping like a baby and my clothes fit better. I did have some headaches the first few mornings but I am already feeling the wonderful effects of eating whole foods. Now, I'm about to embark on a strange month so I am wondering if anyone has advice. 

I fly to Atlanta Monday (red eye) and am there from the 9th-17th, working 12 hour days, staying at a hotel and then in a convention center all day. I am not yet sure about the fridge/kitchenette situation in my room (I'll call and check) but I want to plan as much as possible. I'll hit the grocery store when I get there, and I'll research whole30 friendly restaurants.... but I would love some tips on how to stay on this eating plan while away. 

When I get back on the 17th I turn around 2 days later and am gone for another week. Not the best month to do my first Whole30 but I couldn't wait any longer. I had headaches daily, stomach aches after every meal, I wasn't thinking about what I was eating and drinking, I was stressed, tired and gaining weight quickly. Of course it was the holidays but it was more than that. I needed to take control of my life, my health and my happiness. I'm so glad my Mom gifted me the book, I read it and ISWF in 3 days. 

My Mom and Dad are doing Whole 30 with me, my sister is doing the Sonoma Diet at the same time so at least we're all (somewhat) in it together. My boyfriend and his daughter are very encouraging. She and I sat down today and planned our next few days of meals, she picked them out, I organized them, we make the shopping list, hit the grocery store and we'e ready to go. They still snack on whatever they want but they eat my meals with me and love them! 

Advice on keeping this going while living in hotels, convention centers and airports for 16 days?  

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Ooof, I am as optimistic as most anyone you'll meet, and I've kept to Whole30 through air travel, holidays, road trips, limited kitchen facilities (think Coleman stove and ice chest), and other weird situations, but 16 days straight of work travel sounds like quite the challenge.

Will there be a Whole Foods or a Sprouts nearby?  They typically have a version of rotisserie chicken which is compliant.

Are you able to duck out of the convention center back to your hotel for lunch?

Do you have a rental car?

I've flown with a George Foreman grill in my carry-on luggage (link) ;) but I just had a great idea for you since you'll be in town for over a week: buy one at a thrift store and donate it back before you leave!


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MimiB, I'm also an optimist--and a dreamer!--and I think it just isn't realistic to do a Whole30 right now with your travel and work schedule.

Here's  what I'd do, and you may of course disregard this. I'd eat as close to Whole 30 as possible until you complete your two scheduled trips and are back at home for six weeks. The reason is, you need 30 compliant days to then do a proper reintroduction and at least 10 days for reintroductions. If you don't do a structured reintroduction, you miss the payoff of the Whole30, which is finding out exactly how the eliminated foods affect you. This information is vital to sustain your own healthy eating plan. 

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