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Day 5: Waiting patiently for the energy...


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My email from Whole 30 suggested I share something that's significantly better as of today.  Usually I can be pretty positive, so maybe it's just the Kill-All-the-Things stage I'm in that makes me feel pretty negative right now.  There hasn't been a single thing that's "significantly" better at this point, but I can say that my bank account is "significantly" LOWER due to the expense. I haven't had a cigarette in over five years, and I am actually CRAVING one hardcore right now. However, because I can't help but insert a positive, I will say this: I am relieved that many of the recipes I've tried from the 7-day meal plan have been ABSOLUTELY delicious.  I know my brain is throwing a temper tantrum right now, so I will lay low and maybe take a nap. 

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