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Whole30'in it up starting October 22nd!


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Crazy to think how powerful processed foods and sugars are. For me to have to challenge myself for 30 days to eat the healthy foods I was created to consume is a little bit embarrassing. You'd think it would be easy to choose a plate full of vegetables over a slice of pizza, knowing the side effects of eating all that processed junk that comes with the pizza is pretty much slowly destroying our bodies.

So this is the start to change my lifestyle and the lazy choices I make when it comes to food. I'm so intrigued by nutrition, I should have no problem eating healthy, the way I know I should be. But boy do those Taco Bell burritos and InNOut burgers taste gooood! When I really think about it though, I'm just supplying my body with empty nutrients; the only thing being satisfied are my taste buds. It's all in the mind! Creeps me out to know that my brain is somewhat fighting itself and controlling me, who should really be controlling it...I have the power to say NO to the donut and to say YES to the apple. Time to show my mind who's boss ;) It'll thank me in the long run when my skin is glowing and I'm sleeping for extra hours throughout the night; waking up with tons of energy and feeling stronger and fitter than ever.

I've been a competitive soccer player my entire life, up until graduating high school. I decided not to accept a few soccer scholarships to college which in turn, I stopped playing ball. I was extremely fit my senior year of high school. I've slacked off big time since then, with exercising and with my eating habits. I miss that feeling of being athletic and healthy. I know I can get back that body I had when I was playing soccer. The Whole30 is my jump start to being; foremost, a HEALTHY person. I am going to feel sexy again. I am going to enjoy shopping again. I will look forward to the summer time, wearing my two-piece bathing suit. I will feel strong and confident enough to go rock climbing with the boyfriend. This is the time to finally be completely, 100% satisfied in my own body.

So here goes! 30 days, following the Whole30 guidelines. Wish me luck & the same to y'all!

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