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Hi there, 

As an Asian, it's hard to do a "no rice" diet. I tried cauliflower rice, but unfortunately, I don't like it. Not just a matter of taste or flavor, but I had some gut discomfort. 

So, I was searching for other rice alternatives and found this: Better than Rice (by Better than Foods) 

It is a shirataki rice (konaku) based on the same ingredients as those of shriataki noodles (so called, "magic noodles"), which is one of the whole30 noodle alternatives.

But, Better than Rice also has oat fiber... (I googled it, oat fiber is 90% fiber, even though it is extracted from oat).

Can I have this? 

Thank you in advance!

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Sorry - this is a no, and the noodles are not really recommended because of their lack of nutrients, and the fact that they aren't considered a whole food - which is what we'd encourage you to eat for 30 days.




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