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Jen's Whole 30 Journey


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So I didn't discover this log until today (day 6). I'm excited about having a place to log how I'm feeling and what I've been eating, to get support, and to get answers when needed. 

This is my first Whole 30. Im starting because I want to make a lifestyle change. I feel like I've been stuck in a rut. I try to eat healthy...but I also like to cook with my best friend...we also like to have our wine....which leads to bad eating decisions...I can have one more right, seconds...thirds? Midnight snack? 

I really like the idea of the whole thirty because there are very set rules and you can't slip up or cheat because you have to start over...any other time I've dieted I've had a cheat meal here or there that often became a cheat weekend...also again so much wine. Then eventually I would quit the diet all together...

Im excited to go 30 days eating nothing but Whole Foods and no wine (ok excited is not the right word but you know what I mean). 

Last night, Friday was a little tough in the evening and knowing the impending snow weekend was upon us, It would usually be a weekend of day-drinking and cooking/eating over-indulgent appetizers all day while snowed in at a friend's house or them at my house. However, I hung out at my best friend's house (while she drank wine...I didn't not *small victory*) and left before getting snowed in :) now that I'm snowed in at home I don't have as many temptations or possibilies. I'm just going to work on me this weekend and hopefully Un-decorate my house (a little late I know but I had a New Year's party and between clean up from that, meal prepping, nightly cooking, and a busy week back at school /teacher/, I just haven't had the time or energy).  

Speaking of energy and mood, I've done pretty well this week. Wednesday I was super sleepy but I also only got about 6 hours of sleep and was getting use to waking back up at 5 after two weeks off so I'm not sure it was totally Whole 30 related...the next day after going to bed early I was golden! Besides wine, I haven't had too many cravings...I've been enjoying my whole 30 compliant food and haven't felt deprived or anything. This week I did have a snack several times around 4-5 because my lunch time at school is 11:30 but I don't get home and have dinner prepared until at least 7-7:30....8 hours is a long time to go. I'm not sure I will be able to eat enough at lunch to hold me over even if I eat more. As is this week I've eaten to satiety each lunch. I guess I'll see how it goes next week. I also didn't excerize much this week :( just so busy and getting use to everything. I need to meal prep better next week so I don't have to stop at the grocery store after work and spend as much time cooking during the week. Also hoping for more energy next week as my body is getting adjusted. 

Happy whole30 to everyone!

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Here is what my meals have looked like this week. 

Day 1: 

B: Bacon, tomato, broccoli Fritata

L: Chicken Salad on Romaine, broccoli, strawberries

D: Rotisserie Turkey, 1/2 avocado, frozen grapes, hard-boiled egg

Day 2: 

B: Bacon, tomato, broccoli Fritata

L: Chicken Salad on Romaine, carrots and celery with guacamole 

S: 2 hard boiled eggs

D: Turkey Salad with avocado on spinach, roasted sweet potatoes

Day 3:

B: Fritata w/roasted potatoes

L: Chicken salad on romaine, apple

S: 2 hard-boiled eggs

D: Paleo Chili with avocado

Day 4:

B: Fritata w/roasted sweet potatoes

L: Paleo Chili w/guacamole 

S: Strawberry 

D: Tuna Salad with roasted grape tomatoes and almonds on spinach

Day 5: 

B: 3 chicken sausages w/ roasted peppers and onions

L: Paleo Chili w/guacamole

S: apples, strawberries

D: Chicken Salad w/spinach 



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