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Udid's whole30 starting Jan 9


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Starting a whole30 for the second time. I did the first one 2 years ago, completed and felt great. Within the last3 month I fell off the wagon completely, gained weight and feeling many little pains. My hormones are messing with me as well and I have low energy. I am hoping for relieve in all areas and mostly that I am getting my mindset back about food. 

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Well starting the whole 30 on January 9 was good for 4 days and then I was stressed and had some beer. :( I gave up and made a new plan. In the Gym they were offering a 6 weeks challenge - food and workouts. I have done these before with success, since I am very competitive. I decided to do the whole30 in combination with the challenge, starting January 20. I am now on day 15!! :) 

Yesterday after spinning I felt sooooo goooood. I haven't felt like this for a long time. So much energy and felt like a heaviness being gone. I just felt good.

I do still struggle to get away from snacking habits. My daughter suggested to eat more during my main meals to help me get away from snacking. So far so good today.

Since I am doing the challenge I am getting on the scale every week. I think it is not a big deal. I did lose a lot the first week and not so much the second, which doesn't bother me, since I know I am eating the right food. I also keep track of my food on fitness pal, which is really interesting to me and keeps me honest.  

In addition I have Melissa talking to me every time I am in my car. I bought the audio book " food freedom forever", which is actually a good way for me to help me change my mindset. It is really good.

I will be back next week with another update and if it is only to myself... :) 

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