TEN is a charm...starting my 10th W30 on the 10th!


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Hi Everyone and happy 2017!

Looking back over the last year, and it seems I've been pretty quiet in this forum--which makes sense as 2016 was a WASH for really good health, fitness and proper food choices for me in the broad sense. But, you're never too far gone to simply say 'enough'--and that is what I've done. At 45, I'm a committed foodie with definite paleo leanings, a yoga freak and I like to run in between--though only 5k and under (currently WAY under). Injury (and then surgery) prevented me from doing anything physical beyond walking (which I did not do much at all of) for the last half of 2016. I've recently been given the all clear, so I am looking forward to getting back to my clean eating, fast recovering, fun fitness ways...but I suspect it may take a while to really get that ball rolling....  

My 1st Whole30 was January of 2013, and I've loved every cycle for what I've learned. I'd love to have both W30 Newbies and Alums join me, if there is anyone starting around this timeframe. From past W30s I know this forum and the people in it have been a brilliant source of inspiration. Here's to my number TEN and your number whatever, wherever you may be...on the 10th!

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