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10th W30 from the 10th


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Just getting ready for January 10th here, and I'll be sure to log both FOOD and ACTIVITY here. Now that I'm able to go back to yoga and other modes of fitness, I've joined a 30-day challenge at my studio, which I'm hoping will keep me on task, calm, and centered for this Whole30. Figured I may as well start though, today, to give a farewell to some of the items I should NOT be having....

T-minus 2 days to Whole30: so therefore NOT COMPLIANT!
Brekkie (Meal 1): Paleo and Whole30 compliant Muligatawny Soup, with two mugs of tea with a touch of cream.
Snack (because I walked by them): two truffles...and no, not the kind you find in the forest with your pot-bellied pig :ph34r:

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