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whole30 Patricia: Daily Log


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i am on day 7 and yesterday i realized that without a head fully in the game, ready for the challenge, i wont make it. so i'm doing the behavioral work.

I am faltering on:

  • snacking: still snacking but giving myself a week for it to burn as generally, when i start losing enough weight or feeling better, i don't want to eat
  • fruit as sugar dragon + eating fruit as desserty treat

Workouts are great. Felt totally out of it a few times last week but this morning, a shopping trip to Target felt SO demanding. 

Anyways. I will KEEP trying to create 3 meals a day as default, because that is what works. Also, I believe this program will take me 6 months to actually define a functioning way of eating within the real world. I will stay on Whole30 after it's over but will allow myself to recreate things. But, I'll do the reintro.

I am having a hard time because the snacking is covering the emotions I dont want to feel. Earlier, I looked at a pair of shoes and I just HATED THEM, I knew I wasnt happy with the purchase--but my emotion was clear as a bell. So, perhaps, mental clarity will start ensuing soon.

I'm at the stage where many of the things I used to eat are popping up like ghosts: and I'm like WHOA, I don't eat that! Anyways, feeling good but days where I'm doing a constant snacking make me feel frustrated with myself. Because, it's me being HALF-WILLED.



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