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Hi there,

My husband and I have completed week one and feel gratified that we did.

I have read the Whole 30 book, many blogs and looked at many recipes. So I know I should feel more confident about my quandry regarding what we are eating.

Here is my question regarding the amount of food one would eat at a meal. For some reason, I feel like I am serving us too much each time but perhaps it is fine.

I would love comments regarding others typical meal content. Pretty basic I know and obvious probably but just want to see if I am on the right track. I am happy to have good sized portions but not sure if this is best.

thanks in advance!




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Without the information of what you're eating and portion sizes, it's hard to tell if you're eating enough but every meal should be made to the template (linked below).  Are you doing that?  Is your husband using his own palm and thumb for a metric of his portion sizes and your'e using your own for you?

If you want to list out what you're eating with portion sizes and meal timing, we can take a look.

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