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New to Whole30, Starting January 11th


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I have been gluten and sugar free in the past, made it nearly a year and felt great! I lost 40 pounds but that was minor compared to how I felt. Then I made a few poor choices which in turn led me to making lots more poor choices and a year later, here I am. I have gained back the 40 pounds I lost plus a lot more, all of my fibromyalgia pain has returned and worsened, I feel like crap all of the time...and I am tired of it. I am in my mid-40's and still have young children at home (youngest is 5), and I want to feel better and BE better for my kids! I used to love the way I felt, and I want that back.

I have the makings of chicken bone broth in the crock pot simmering right now, I have begun my Whole30 shopping list, and I am truly excited to start this new journey!

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