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Day 6 and having a hard time

Lori Ingram

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I was doing good on my plan but I ran out of good food and didn't want to go shopping yesterday. It was my day off and I was enjoying staying at home. Anyways I knew I would have issues with this weekend as I don't have money until Wednesday to get food. So on Friday I cooked up some thin steaks and cut them up. Cut up some potatoes that We had left over from diner the day before and threw them in a pan as a crust kinda. With the steak I cooked it with some cherry tomatoes, onions, and greens and added some cyann seasoning. Layered that on top of the potatoes and then took the last 8 eggs we had and wisked them up then pored it on top. Baked it for like an hour and that has been my breakfast the last 3 days. I did find enough money to give my husband to go get some eggs so I boiled them up and that's my lunch. Diner tonight will be whatever meat my husband cooks with probably brussel spouts(frozen) and some romain lettuce and see if I can add anything else to the "salad". I know this is not ideal but as I said I'm broke at the moment and I wanted to start my first full whole30 asap. It will be better on Wednesday though.

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