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A Different Kind of Out-of-Whack


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So this is probably TMI but I really just wanted to find out if anyone else was having similar experiences. I'm on Day 8 currently and have been 100% compliant and actually have been feeling pretty good. Have had some grogginess or tiredness last week but no major headaches. Sleep is improving greatly. Resting heart rate is improving so fast someone asked if I was alive. Feeling pretty good. However, I'm also on hormonal BC (sprintec) because I'm 24 and not ready for a child yet, and this morning I had something that was akin to spotting but was more of a mucus-y discharge that had older, clotted blood in it (darker red-brownish colors, not bright red). Over the weekend my breasts were a little tender and I had a little cramping as well. My period is not due for over another week. Is this similar to the spotting or early period-type symptoms others have had?

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