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Whole30 and the Implant (Nexplanon)


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I had the implant inserted 6 months ago.  I'm on Day 9 of Whole30 (started on the first) and I noticed I was spotting.  I know with the implant you can experience one of three things, no periods, irregular spotting, and bleeding often.  I thought I was in the no period group.  I'm trying to decide if it is related to being on Whole30. 

Has anyone else had this experience?  I really enjoyed not having a period, but I was reading on the internet they may last up to 2 weeks on the implant and if that is the case, I might want to reevaluate my choice of birth control.

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If this is only happening to you when you started the Whole30, its likely due to hormonal balancing.  Not a doctor and if you're concerned, definitely see your doctor, but I see no reason you wouldn't wait a couple months and see if things go back to normal.

I have Mirena and am in the no period camp, altho if my eating goes off the rails for too long, I get the same symptoms you're having along with wicked cramps which I never have when my eating is dialed in... leads me to believe you're probably just adjusting your hormones.

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