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Happy happy day!


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Ok so YES, I am totally savoring my coffee with a tiny bit of sugar (instead of artificial sweetener) and a dollop of milk. Coffee is a joy in my life, and black...it is notsomuch joy. I didn't crave it with sweetener, but I am happy to have it tasting a bit better today.

For me, this Whole30 was more about "what I don't miss" instead of what I gained, because I had a few outside situations come along that would have been awful, but instead were JUST FINE.

BUT.....I got through a round of prednisone without cravings, eating everything in the house and then some, and without roid rage. I went a whole entire month...30 (actually 34) days without alcohol. First time in....well....too long to say, and long long past overdue. I did not even miss it for about 2 weeks, and after that, it was just missing it because of the situation (gorgeous evening with music coming from the park...so nice with a glass of wine, but also nice with a glass of mineral water). I did not miss waking up wondering if I would feel bad or not. Did not miss knowing that my headache and general ugh was not from hormones, it was from drinking too much.

I do not miss having to carry snacks with me - instead I know--KNOW in my BONES--that I can go without food all the way to the next meal, and even later than that, because my body can use my fat (HA!) as fuel and my blood sugar won't crash, leaving me irritable and snappy and unable to enjoy what I'm doing.

I really don't miss the crappy feeling of snacking too much in the evening and waking up the next morning feeling like I have to starve myself to make up for it. I don't miss feeling hungry all the time and not ever feeling like my food was enough - because enough would make me fat. Now I know that enough is enough to get me to the next meal - actually I need a little MORE than enough for that, and as you said, it's DAMN HARD to overeat on the right kinds of foods for your body, no matter how delicious they are. The one time I ate a ton of something - well, it was shredded carrots with oil and vinegar. NOT chips, not chocolate, not crackers. Carrots! I felt downright virtuous the next day. LOL! AND no getting on the scale to tell me otherwise.

Wait, I take it back - I gained, or re-gained my love of cooking, of trying new ingredients, of playing with flavors. No more jarred spaghetti sauce for me, my spices are refreshed and where I can get to them. I have SOOOOO loved un-seeding pomegranates to sprinkle on my kale, my turkey, my salads, my carrots. I have SOOOO loved buying an interesting kind of fish to cook for myself. SO enjoyed making my own mayo - FROM SCRATCH. I LOVED trying Okinawa sweet potatoes, and then learning what nutritional powerhouses they are, even as they are the coolest color of purple. Coconut milk, that I have been avoiding for YEARS - it is one of my most favorite foods on the planet, and now I can enjoy it and know it is sooo good for me.

I delight in knowing my children are reaping the benefits of my new knowledge and willingness to invest in the best ingredients for their food.

I enjoy my relationship with the egg lady at the farmer's market. I love the smell of bone broth simmering in my crockpot, and I really love knowing that drinking it will help my bone graft (one of those outside things that came along unexpectedly) to heal and grow.

I am sleeping so much better - that I NOTICE when I don't sleep well (thanks, weeks of bronchitis). I'm not sure if that's an improvement, since the coughing has been keeping me up and I feel more tired than I might have, but at least now I NOTICE.

And finally - 11 pounds lighter, rstopping and then eversing 3 YEARS of weight gain. What can I say? I'm taking a few days to enjoy my coffee with sugar and milk, maybe a glass of wine, but joining my friend on a second Whole30 on Wednesday. My goal - to try a bunch of new recipes!!!!!

Oh oh! And how can I forget - THANK YOU WHOLE30 for bringing almond butter and coconut butter into my life!!!!! I don't eat them much, but when I do, almond butter on warmed cherries is heaven on earth. Good for gout too, not that I have it, but I sure don't want it. Best to start preventing it now...Haha!

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Oh oh! And how can I forget - I don't miss my scale one bit!!!!! I am FREE!!!!! After weighing myself every single day...more than once...and being sad every. single. time. I don't miss that sadness and stress.

And my clothes fit again! And I have been ridiculously even tempered with my kids, in the face of failed tests, teenage hormones, missed stuff, and a travelling husband. Just...wow. I can't thank you enough. Now my parents have the book, and I hope hope they decide to try it out.

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My gosh...it sounds like you just wrote my whole30 experience for me! Perhaps when I write a post30 recap, I will just link to this post. :P

Seriously, it is wonderful reading this! It is amazing to read this and see your passion for your new found health jumping off the screen. Congrats to you!

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Congratulations! Your experience sounds like it was wonderful, and the post has really inspired me to be excited about trying new things as well. I love to cook, and here is a perfect opportunity for me to try lots of new recipes!

The thing that encourages me most about the post is your mention of prednisone. I recently had a heart transplant, so I am on prednisone as well and as you know, it can create some pretty ridiculous cravings! I woke up in the middle of the night last week with an unshakable and voracious craving for a bloody mary and pickles. And lately I feel like I could simply drink tobasco sauce on its own. So hearing that you were able to overcome your own cravings while on the same medication helps me to be confident that I can do the same during the next thirty days.

--Thanks so much!

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