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Never thought I'd do this


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Hi. My name is Elfling and I've been anti-"paleo" for years. I've run the gamut in what I've tried in both fitness and nutrition, and I've always had good results while turning up my nose at anything with the "paleo" tag. I'm strong, fit etc.

Over the last year however due to some various (noncritical) health issues, I started cutting out things slowly - artificial sweeteners, white sugar, etc etc.

I finally got to the point where I realized I was trying to do exactly what Whole30, paleo, and all the other tags out there are already doing, and I was limiting my resources and knowledge by not utilizing what is out there.

The real kicker that made me sign up for Whole30 was my boyfriend suggesting I go see his allergist because my nose is always stuffy. I realized- why go take more drugs/get shots/whatever if there's actually something I can do about it just by really tightening up what I eat?

So here's to the next 30 days, and saying screw it to labels ;)

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I was you about a year ago. I remember reading about paleo and thinking, "Seriously? Never!" At that point the thought of going a week without pasta, pesto and andouille sausage sounded like pergatory. I focused on the fitness piece and got stronger and more fit than I ever had been. I was cooking what seemed to be "healthy" meals, falling into the whole grain rules trap and the brown rice is the answer hype.

I don't know exactly what caused the shift in my thinking but last March I went paleo, cold turkey. And I felt better than ever before. The only significant health issue I had at that point was migraines, which I had sporatically. I had become used to keeping migraines meds with me at all times. And then a few months after going paleo, I suddenly realized that I hadn't had a migraine since the food switch. And now 7 months later that's still true. That can't be a coincidence.

Whole30 seemed like a natural next step. Good luck on your journey! You can do it!

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