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1st timer, starting sat 14th Jan

Jo Bonsor

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Good morning all,

Im Jo. Ive had contact dermatitis all of my adult life but for the last 6 months or so Ive had eczema appearing all over my body, I itch all over and my skin burns in places. My GP is quite insistent that this is not food related and keeps prescribing topical creams and oils, a lot of which are full of chemicals and steroids. As far as im concerned this is treating the symptom not the cause. Ive tried cutting out certain food groups and see some improvement in my skin. Im also interested in the Paleo diet and through that discovered the Whole30. With the support offered here Im confident I can stick to this plan (in fact im determined to coz I cant stand the scratching and burning any more! ) and find out what it is that is causing my skin complaints,  Ive read the book cover to cover and Im ready to go! 

Ive chosen Saturday as my start day as we have a pre booked date with friends on friday and they are cooking,  so rather than be awkward Ill start on Saturday, that also gives me a clear 30 days with nothing planned in plus 12 days before my birthday weekend to follow the fast track reintroduction plan.

Ive used the 1st week meal plan, with a few changes for foods I dont like (namely salmon), ive got my shopping list written, ive got my hubby on board to support me.......just waiting fir Saturday to get started!

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