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New and confused


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So I have been looking at this program honestly because I do the cooking for my household and one of my roommates wants to do it. Our dites as a group are... limited to begin with. The breakdown is as fallows:

Me: vegetarian, extremely low blood pressure and sugar (controlled via dite not meds), can't digest processed foods.

Roomate 1: vegetarian

Roommate 2: no limits but follows everyone else's to avoid cooking.

Incoming roommate who wants to do this: no nuts, glutin free, no legumes.

This is not the worst group of people I've had to cook for on any given day, so I'm pretty good at getting creative, and a lot of the things I make don't involve anything on this list to begin with. However aside from it being "recreating bad foods" I'm confused why some of my normal foods won't fly with this as they already don't contain anything that you can't have on the program.

I'm not trying to be negative, I'm really confused. I tried reading through a lot of the pages and maybe I just haven't found the right ones yet, but thought it might help me to get feed back here.

The things I'm talking about is stuff like French fries or biscuits. My fries are baked and literly just seasoned and use a bit of veggie oil. The biscuits already are rice flour and protine additives in them (aka hemp powder mostly). They are a diviery system because eating straight protine additives is beyond what I'm willing to do. These are two foods expressly forbidden in the guidelines, but I don't understand how they are breaking any rules aside from being perceived as bad foods. More so if these do not fit how do I avoid foods that logic tells me meets the rules but doesn't?

I'm kind of scared I'm going to be snapped at for this post, so please if I'm being dense break it to me gently? I want to figer this out before I start.

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Hi @Natix & welcome to the forum :)

Ok, so the baked 'fries' are fine provided they are just that - baked rather than fried, and provided the oil used falls within the parameters of the program.

Since a big part of the program is trying to change our relationship with food, and parting ways with foods that we may find have become a crutch, foods that are seen as a recreation of former foods (particularly baked goods - pancakes, cookies, biscuits, bread etc which are often 'comfort foods') regardless of their ingredients are off limits. Your biscuits would be off limits anyways as there is no grain allowed on the program.

Nobody is going to snap at you for asking questions - we're here to help - so if there is anything else you'd like to know, or are unsure about, please ask.

Here are links to the program rules, and to the 'can I have...?' article which you might find useful.

Hope this helps.

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