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W30 and Very Small Children


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Hi ladies, I'm looking for any guidance and maybe just support as I make a second run at Whole 30.  I did it for 21 days back in 2014, and have since given birth to boy/girl twins after a fifth IVF treatment.  My twins are 9 months old and life is HECTIC!  But hubby and I really need this nutritional reset to get back to feeling good and energized and not relying on alcohol or crummy foods for comfort.  I gained 49 pounds with my twins and have lost all but the last 7-10 (I yoyo hard around that weight).  I still am not comfortably in my pre-baby work wardrobe, and of course all the other body changes that come with growing two humans at 38 years of age.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone has any advice, tips, etc. for keeping to the program while also working full time and having small babies.  I'm stressing about how to get my exercise time in.  I have cooked ahead a few easy grab meals and will get more underway, but figuring out babies, daycare, work, and food leaves me with no time left for gym.  Hubby gets his in every morning after he takes the kiddos to daycare, but I can't seem to manage the same with the longer time it takes me to get ready for work.  Anyone have a routine that has worked for them?  

Round 2, Day 1 today.  Hoping to make it the full 30 and be compliant with reintroduction this time :) Nice to meet y'all.

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I don't know if it's in the budget for you, but we have subscribed to Sun Basket for making dinner.  Pretty much every Paleo recipe they offer is Whole 30 compliant or can easily be by leaving an ingredient out.  It is one less thing to worry about, at least three nights a week.  

FWIW by daughter is 15 months and I just started going to the gym again last week.  I had the same issues you are trying to fit it into me schedule.  I'm not really happy with when I'm working out because my schedule is so tight and stressful, but I guess it is better than nothing. 

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