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Started January 3rd


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Day 8!! I have stuck to it and that has been hard. I really have rarely cooked in the last several years. Now lots of pots and pans to clean!! The only thing I have noticed is my stomach is not distended or bloated as it usually felt 24 hours a day. I also have had diarrhea since day 2, not bad but concerns me. I have no idea how many calories I am eating.  Typical day: 1 egg with onions and tomatoes and a piece of fruit breakfast,  leftover dinner for lunch,  flank steak, tomatoes, onions, peppers with olive oil and lemon drizzle. I have been eating blueberries or cherry tomatoes or a banana or walnuts if I get hungry between meals.  I have had to sadly give up coffee as I absolutely hate it without cream. I tried switching brands and tried flavored- still no luck. So I am drinking tea instead. I don't look any different, clothes are not even slightly looser (not that I expect that this quickly). I should mention that I have not exercised at all. It is cold and I hate going outside. I have decided to not stress about this until I complete my 30 days, if I get the amazing energy that I hear about I will then start phase 2. I intend to extend the whole30 to a minimum of 90 days..I want a lifetime change not just a diet that I go off of and then end up back in the same place...been there done that.

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