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2 weeks on my bike - some learnings

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So I am finishing up my second week of riding my own bike and I have had some interesting learnings and observations in that time. Two days after we finished the Whole30 was my wife's birthday so we knew that we would completely off-road that meal and then we had a Cinco de Mayo party in which I was trying to stay good the entire time. Additionally, I had my first business trip with 2 days in New Orleans at the start of this week.

So onto some learnings:

Birthday Dinner @Bachannalia

  • I stayed away from baked bread at my wife's birthday meal, but didn't worry about breading or crostini's in my food. I was okay with that and I took a lactaid so the dairy was fine for both of us. I did not have much dairy sensitivity before and could probably re-introduce it. My wife was already lactose intolerant so we will keep it out of the house.
  • The sugar in her dessert made my wife's rosacea spring back up something fierce. She had 30 days of clear skin leading up to that point.
  • I really missed wine. :-)
  • Edit: I should say I really missed GOOD wine. I did some cheap stuff one night and it wasn't worth it.
  • My sense of taste has shot through the roof without all of that processed sugar and flour coating my tongue. The meal was going to be heavenly anyway, but I could really notice more subtlety of flavors than I believe I used to be.

Cinco de Mayo

  • Melissa's post on willpower really resonated with me here as skipping over tortilla chips next to our homemade guacamole and flour tortillas and chocolate peanut-butter rice krispy treats became harder and harder as the night went on for both of us.
  • My secret was to eat our paleo shredded chicken covered with homemade guac each time I wanted a chip or treat. I thought trying to stay full would help.
  • I finally gave in and had a rice krispy treat . . .
  • . . . I got a headache within 5 minutes of eating it, but I wasn't sure at the time whether it was the sugar, peanuts, or something else

New Orleans

  • I was good my first night and found a steakhouse with some steamed aspargus and a strip steak
  • Second day lunch was tough because I wanted to have an authentic NO experience so I had a Po Boy sandwich with baked ham, roast beef, cabbage, and gravy . . .
  • . . . and I got a headache within 5 minutes of eating it. So I am starting to think that I have a low-grade gluten issue now that I have been clean for so long.

This will be tough for me, because I LOVE baked goods. However, I now know what falls in the "mess me up" category for my chart and will really have to weigh out is it worth how I felt (I have to admit that sandwich was close . . . it was really amazing.)

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I hear you on the increased sensitivity after eating clean for a while. A couple months back, my wife and I took our kids to a local pizza place we love. I hadn't eaten any grain-based food (except the occasional beer) for months. I had one piece of pepperoni pizza and two glasses of beer. I had a stomach ache that wouldn't quit for a solid day and the second half of my weekend sucked!

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The sense of taste thing fascinates me... I am able to taste so many more subtle tastes now! I love the increased sense of taste.

Your response to gluten seems like an interesting find. Were headaches something you experienced before you began eating this way?

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This is great, Dan! The cinco de mayo headache was probably from sugar. After my first super strict whole30 (which happened to be low carb at the time), I would get headaches and visual hallucinations (seriously) from any sugar rushes. I decided to have a piece of cheesecake at work and i got a headache within 15 minutes, my vision started getting funky without 30, and after about 45 minutes i REALLY needed a nap. It was the most bizarre thing ever. I've bumped my carbs up (sweet potatoes, etc) since then, and i don't get that violent of a reaction now, but it was crazy.

Glad to see you've got stuff figured out and you're navigating post-Whole30 quite well!

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Fabulous observations. These things continue to develop over time, and I guarantee that your tastes and what you think of as "worth it" will also develop and mature over time. The things that were worth it for me a year ago are sometimes not today - and then, there are some things (like a slice of Nutella-stuffed french toast) that I'll probably bust out once a year for the rest of my life.

Great work riding your own bike! I'm sure others will learn from your experiences, too.



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I have never had trouble with headaches after meals or in general. I have had however an interesting issue where I would have a solid sneezing attack after a heavy meal. I used to think it was a spice allergy, but I literally just realized that I haven't had this happen after eating in 7 weeks since I went Whole30 and beyond. So I think it was a wheat issue, probably in conjunction with sugar and dairy, but who knows.

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