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Start Now! (Sunday Oct 21)


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Day 1 doesn't need to begin on the first of the month. Start now. Right now. Today.

A bit rich, coming from me - as this is my third attempt at the Whole30. First time - 13 days. Second try - 20 days. This time - gotta be 30!!

I don't think I was doing the Whole30 for the right, internal reasons the first 2 tries. This time I am armed with more knowledge and understanding and more desire.

If anyone is on board from today, let me know. We can help each other out. I'll be logging daily at 'Whole30 Holly' in the daily log section. A carry on from the first 20 days!

Jenn Fengals - if you are reading this, I hope we can still be forum friends, even though we are now on different days!!! :-)

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