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A carb addicts Whole30 log


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Starting this log on Day 5: 

My name is Heather, and I love carbs, bread, donuts, pasta, all of it! I also have a hard time limiting myself to just a couple of alcohol drinks, so the whole30 is perfect for me in these two respects, I've tried self-limiting with only a little success, taking everything off the table for the next month makes saying no so much easier. 

I have no willpower, well I'm learning I do have willpower!! I can say no to things, I even went out to lunch and watched (and smelled!) everyone else's mac and cheese and savored my salmon and kale salad with oil and vinegar. 

I'm a wife, mom and friend. I have two boys 4 and 7, and a loving husband who fully supports me (he's not doing the program, he doesn't need it like I do). Last year we moved our friend down to live with us, he's an older gentlemen who helps me take care of the house and kids, he was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and also deals with other health issues (maybe I can get him on board with a round of whole30 depending on how mine goes!)

Surprisingly not missing the bread as much as I thought I would. I have been getting headaches in the afternoon, nothing that I can't deal with but it is making me grumpy, and snappy towards my family, hopefully that gets better soon! I think I need more fiber in my meals, so I'm working on finding a balance with that. I am not good following the meal template or planning for longer than 3 days in advance. 

My family is not doing the program with me, breakfast and lunch we all do our own thing anyway. I make dinner for everyone, it hasn't been too difficult. I like to cook and already make a lot of my own things, homemade spaghetti sauce, I season my own taco meat (cumin, cayenne, and chipotle). For myself I eat it on veggies or make a salad, everyone else has noodles and taco shells, or depending on the meal eat it like I do. I made my family fried taco's last night :blink: I might be crazy lol, they smelled good but my salad was satisfying. 

I have been trying to be active, I think I might be over doing it slightly. But I don't want to stop, I'm not doing any heavy lifting or super demanding sports. I've been doing WERQ (similar to zumba, more hip-hop and pop) and taking the kids swimming. 

Body stats: at 5'2" I weigh 150ish lbs, that about 30lbs overweight. I didn't take any measurements but I'm heavier through my hip/thighs I used to have a smaller waist but the last couple of years I've gained weight on my top half was well, that's what really made me want to do this, I've always had a booty, but now I'm having to buy bigger shirts and dresses, I don't have the hour glass figure I used to have. 

A little about me that doesn't have to do with food ;) 

I like to sew, I'm learning to quilt. I have dabbled in just about every craft, jewelry making, hand embroidery, refashioning clothes, coloring, basically I like to be creative in some way and need to find a way to incorporate that in to my daily life, even if it's just for a few minutes. My husband and I enjoy mountain biking, we aren't super competitive but we've both rode a couple of races, it's fun because it's something active  we can do together (he can't run, bad knees). 



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