Special Meal for Boyfriend's Birthday


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Hi All,

It is my boyfriend's birthday next week and I want to cook him a nice meal. He is not on the Whole30 but he is very supportive of me and I want to cook him a whole30 compliant meal so that we can enjoy it together.

I have ideas for everything but dessert.

As it is a special occasion I would like like to make something sweet to end the meal, but unfortunately he can't eat any nuts and a lot of desserts I have seen have nuts.

Anyone have any ideas for what I might make?


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Baked or grilled fruit (like these baked apples, omit the honey, or this broiled grapefruit),  or some berries with some coconut cream -- this recipe has instructions for making whipped coconut cream, just skip almond or vanilla extract in it, it's still good without, or get some vanilla beans to scrape into it.  Or just whichever fresh fruits look best when you're at the store.

That's really as dessert-like as I'd go during a Whole30. If he would want an actual dessert, you could always find a bakery and buy him a cupcake -- just the one, then there's not one there to tempt you.

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I can withstand the temptation. And I never try to recreate desserts myself. But I imagine that sharing a special meal with someone special fits in pretty well to the whole30 philosophy.

Thanks for the ideas. Yes I had thought of fruit and coconut cream. Just looking for something I bit more...special.

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